Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh baby its cold outside!

Really, I don’t feel like putting my water bottle in bed, forget it. I really want to put him in my living room. To show everybody how cute it is. And frankly, I don’t think the water bottle wants to spend his life hiding under the sheets!


These are the two pieces separated…

Now already sew up, but the bottle was outside taking is walk…

When he got home,

he just went inside smoothly, so happy to be dressed, that he didn’t want to go out…

He just asked me from the inside; please make me an I-cord, so that I won’t be able to lose my coat never again!

About the color of the photos.
I didn’t make two, only one. But some photos have one color and others another color. The right color is the one from the finished project. The answer to that is what happens when you take photos during the night with the lights from the house, and the other color from the sunshine in the daylight. That is the reason for the different colors.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. WOW! You did a great job, looks so great and cozy! Where did you find the pattern again?

  2. Great pattern!! I might make a couple this winter, where was that pattern again?

  3. That's really cool! I was wanting to make a cover for my bottle but eventually frogged what I had. I really like that idea of the opening at the bottom, that is something I'm definitely going to try!

    Have a stunning weekend!

  4. How lovely!
    It came out perfect. :)

  5. Está muito gira e com um ar mto fofinha. Beinhos