Saturday, July 24, 2010

Water Bottle


More sewing, i know , i know, i started this blog with knitting and crochet, but times had changed, and my appetites also.
But I'm still doing all those things, only slower, actually very slowwww

The front

The back

The opening detail

And you know it is with two girls in the house, i had to make two


Friday, July 23, 2010

Experience that went bad


I've been working with some fabric
Making experiences too
And this what came out of it

 A nice Pencil and Notebook holder

I very happy with the results

But, there is always something to annoy me

You See those two pencils out of the holder, yes i didn't made the measure right, and they are out of there "nest" just because they don't fit inside!!!!!
Crappy job that i made.
Although i liked the result, I'm going to make another one, yes i do like to suffer....

A good experience that ended with success
Remember the potholder that i showed, i don't know maybe last month, well they are done finally. And these two goodies ended fine. No mistakes here, duhag!!!!

Back to normal life.
N is back in school, she was in toes to go back, i guess she got tired of seeing mummy watching to many football games on TV :)
And her Teacher, is expecting....
I can see myself doing a lot of goodies for the baby...


Friday, July 02, 2010

Hearts and mini bag


Made these hanging hearts for the girls bedroom.
They are so cute.
You can even hang them in the curtains, door, bed, realy everywhere...

Then i needed a mini bag just to take my drivers license, wallet and phone, when i pickup the girls from school.
Very andy, because i can keep my hands free.