Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The Water Bottle Cozy is almost done.

Now I only need to do the other part that will close the cozy, and that’s it.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have an FO!

Do you remember my first experience with a site that gives lessons in embroidery? Well I send it the photo of the homework that was asked there and my photo is on lesson 3. I’m very happy, in fact I was jumping when I received a mail from Candace, and I’m still jumping just to see my photo in another site. Jumping, jumping, hehehehehe.

Thank you Candace for the time that you take to do those lessons.

See everybody tomorrow…


  1. I like all the things you have been getting done lately! I feel bad, I haven't been doing any needlework at all these last few days. We have a three day weekend coming up, so maybe I will start back to work on something then.

  2. I saw our finished project on Craft Daisies website! I'm jumping with excitement for you! Jump, JUmp, JUMp, JUMP!

  3. I love the Water Bottle Cozy! That is something which would really come in handy around our house (I'm putting this on my mental list of knitting to-do's) :)

  4. That cosy is looking good! And it's so cool that your photo was used on another site - yay!