Sunday, March 28, 2010

Handmade slippers


This morning, while i was reading my reader feeds, i saw this tutorial.
I look at the pictures, i read the explanations, and after so many disasters in making slippers for my girls, i decided to give another try.

That is the reason why they all pure plain, without any decoration.

Now that i got the measures straight, and the easy way to put it together, yes i will do another pair very pink, and with decorations falling to the floor!!!!!

The link is here.




Friday, March 26, 2010



And the collection is complete

Made some butterfly's, my wish was to make a lot of bugs, but no imagination at this time.
So i think it is really cute.
The recipient liked it so much, that she sleep the all night with the pillow!!!!

And another one.
This one was a request from a friend that wanted to kidnap the flower pillow.
Made some stripes in different color, and voila.
I think it looks very fashion and stylish!!!

In other news, the cigarettes are still here. There are days that i don't smoke, and then there i go again.
I'm so tired of resetting the counter to zeros....
But the idea is here to stay...
Maybe another month...???


Friday, March 12, 2010



Now at the first day of this month i tried to make some resolutions for my self

i must quit facebook. It is horrible. I spend a lot of time on it, just playing, and that is all, I'm really addicted.
I will try to finish this foolish thing.
To all my game friends, well, there will be no more gifts from me, ta da!

Another resolution that i made was to stop smoking,
Man, oh man, that was very easy the first day, only 3 cigarettes, me that smokes an average of 15 per day!!!

But I'm almost at the beginning again, what am i suppose to do when I'm drinking a coffee, or when I'm in the PC, or when I'm just relaxing, I'm so used to a cigarette on the way....

So if someone has some kind of technique, or advice to give, please do.
No moral speech...that thing just gets me in my nerves, and you know what...another cigarette on the way...

From your blogger, desperate to make a change..........


Saturday, March 06, 2010



I'm in the wave of making pillows.

Maybe it is because i miss my old job...

I used to make zillions of them, Ha!

Here in South Africa is very hard to find that foam that makes the pillow in round shape. so i had to improvise with this one.

It is not bad, but it could be better with that special foam.
Oh well...

This one was made because of an accident!
It was supposed to be a cover for a book, but, me, je, i, made a mistake with the measurements, and already frustrated with the time that i spend with this work, decided to convert into a pillow.
It is really a micro pillow 20x14, but it is so cute.
At least i got inspiration for a bigger one...

see you...