Friday, October 25, 2013

Rush hour....get out of the way!

What a busy week it's been here...
lots of felt to cut and finish for the Strand Library

So in this tray are... 2 mobiles and two hot air balloons to finish, this was by Wednesday...
And that's not all
During the next week I have to cut and finish hair clips and cupcakes!
Yeah, lovely work!

(But big problem, while I’m doing these, I often get distracted with the cyber space, and more ideas pop in my head, like furious popcorn!
So I have to contain myself, write the idea down, for when I'm free from this work.
But it is so difficult!!)

Yesterday I finish the first mobile of that collection

Bear Mobile

Very classic design, and look at some details...

Today in the afternoon I was able to finish the second one

Love Bird Mobile

Another one, I know, but it seems that these birds are as popular as the owls!

And now time for hot air balloons
I have to finish 2 if I want to keep up with my schedule

And you may think; this girl is busy....

Well apparently I'm not
I decided in the beginning of this month to have Afrikaans lessons, yes my fellow friends from South Africa, this is it!!!
So I'm back to school, ha ha

For the outsiders, Afrikaans is one of the 11 official languages in this country, and the most spoken in this province. It was very frustrating for me to ask everyone to " it possible to speak in English, you see I don't speak Afrikaans".

Lot's and loads on my plate, as you can see.
No worries, I'll survive ;)

Enough Bla Bla Bla, got to go to work and study
(I'm feeling like a teenager)

See you all maybe tomorrow


Sunday, October 20, 2013

The wild life mobile

A mobile order that I got for animals from Africa

It gave me immense pleasure to think and design this one

And for detail photos

my favourite one

I do love this little cute giraffe

enjoy your Sunday

until next time

Friday, October 18, 2013

Angel Festival

Happy Friday everyone!!!

More Angels were made

And they are just waiting for the Christmas tree

Just choose the favourite colour



...or Blue

Aren't they cute!!!!

Enjoy your weekend :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long time.....


Long time with out posting here

I should say it is facebook fault!!!!

Lately it is easier for me just to post one picture and a title and that's it!

I can also do that here, but don't know why it looks easier and faster there.....

If you want to follow me on facebook here is the link

Facebook follow me

But I will try to post here like in facebook, 1 picture per post.... what do you think?

So let's end the bla bla bla and get to the finish items....

So I've been making Christmas decorations, not thinking about it this year, but since i have a display to here it goes

Made this little cute gingerbread man

Then I made this cute guy

Then this to had to the special red hat guy

And why not, the typical Christmas balls

And after that I had a order for a wild life animals mobile, so here is what I made so far

My favourite.... the giraffe
Love them all ;)

So that is it, what I’ve been doing so far, but wait

I still have to finish this wild life mobile...
Make 2 mobiles for the library display, 2 hot air balloons and lots, and lots of flowers until the end of the month....
So, yah.... lots of fun

See you, sooner, I promise...


Monday, October 07, 2013

Ho Ho Ho .... It's on its way...

Monday is here again, and I can't believe how we are running with giant steps towards Christmas!
Crazy, I say.... and crazy now you start to think...

Lots of work here, after the big order from the Minions, more were asked from the same person (last minute replies to the invites), so more work for me :)

The Hot air Balloon for a boys room is done, finaly....

It is absolutly gorgeous.....

My goal now is to make as much Christmas decorations as I can, reason....

I was invited to make another exposition on the public library, and since it is going to be during the November month, Christmas decorations are in order.

So I have some from last year, that I only have to make some little improvements

And some new ones already made

...WIP for some more

I will came later in the week to show more decorations

Hope you'll came too.....