13 January 2017


My little one started school yesterday 😢

10 January 2017

Rain drop and a cloud

These ones were finished today.
They are very cute 😊💜

9 January 2017

High School

My little girl....
...Not so little anymore just started high school today...
I think I was more nerveous then her 😉
8 January 2017

Work+ school = my holidays

Busy week approaching.
1 order to finish
2 orders to work on
1 new order

Not going to give details now... I will post when I have something interesting to show.

This week is also going to be a busy week, my oldest girl starts high school tomorrow and my petite one will start school on Wednesday.

Taking one day at the time... right 😊

Update about the fire "on my backyard" all was quite at late hours of the morning. Just hope that people don't get more ideas like that one again. And I'm still vacuum and washing and dusting.... never clean my house so much... I think that was a sign 😉

7 January 2017

On my Backyard.... :(

Fire season is here I know.... we have been having water restrictions because it doesn't rain and the dams are getting lower each day with the hot weather and not raining for real for a long time.
Yesterday night while we were having diner I looked out through the window on my living room... and I just saw smoke... I got in such a panic.... went outside to investigate... I was not going to do anything, but I had to know how serious it was and how far it was. it was 2 houses from us... a field that is absolutely dry... it was very scary until the fire-fighters arrived.

Today I have already vacuum the house and wash the floor 3 times.... plus the windows are open because of the smell of the smoke.
Hope they get the bad people.... and please let it rain....
6 January 2017

On my table....

There is a cloud and a rain drop.... Cute plushies for a baby room.
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