Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everything goes

The Elisa’s nest Bag is done.
And you can put almost everything inside!




And especially Toys

Nicole already took the bag for her, just to walk around the house like a model!

Notes about this bag: I think nest time I will not close the side bag until the top, I think it is better to leave maybe ½ inch, so that the opening will be more larger. And just finish with the same I-cord from the handles.

Only after the weekend I’ve got more news from The Fat Bottom Bag. I must go to the store to buy some fabric. The decoration is on, and I’m really enjoying what I see.


  1. What a great project!! Can you link to the pattern? I'd love to make one too!

  2. Looks wonderful, I'd love a link to the pattern too.What yarn did you use?

  3. Hey Neighbour!!

    Finally, a blog from S.A. that's up to date! LOL... so, what do you think... should we start a "Knitting in the RSA" ring? ;)

    Great bag, by the way! I like the 'velvet' one too that was in your previous post. I'll be taking a closer look at that yarn the next time I'm shopping for yarn.

  4. It turned out great! Can't wait to see the other one!

  5. that is a very cool bag. I like ti a lot!! You should be happy with it. I think I would like one made from hemp - it would be very strong.