Friday, November 13, 2009

Do visit...

For quite a while i had a wish of sharing my links and visits through blogs and sites from the net and sometimes my wonderful finds...

So maybe Fridays is a good day to start, so you can just navigate during the weekend.
Some of them are in Portuguese, but i think that is not a problem, if you don't want to translate via google, you can just see the photos, that is what i do in some Chinese ones, ha ha!

Ana Catita: : with lots of imagination, it is written by a Portuguese girl. Sandra will like your visit for shore!!

Chica Pequena: : in here you can find a lot of tutorials, especial to work with felt, but you can also appreciate the work of this Brazilian girl.

Bolos Coloridos: : If you want to get inspired with cake decorations, this is a good spot to stop!! Please do pop by, and live a comment to my best friend Ana.

I hope you like my suggestions.
Please tell me if i miss something, comments and critics are most welcome