Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Autumn Cardigan

Finally it is done!

Not that I didn’t enjoy doing it, but the stockinette stitch was starting to put me in a melancholic syndrome!

I didn’t take a photo with it, just because it is very, and I mean very cold today!

And this is an autumn cardigan. And we are now in winter. And the weather is just not the same anymore, well never mind.

I promise I will posse soon.

Now enough with the talking, and let’s look at the trailer!!!

This was my seriously second try to do something for me to wear. The first time with so many pieces to sew also.

So if you see any extra hall, just make believe that it belongs to the pattern! Hehehehehe

Pattern:Tempest, from Knitty: Spring 2008

Yarn:Elle Pure Gold 4 Ply


Started:28 April 2008

Finished:25 June 2008

Notes: I think I mix up a little in choosing the right size for me, but in the end, it turns out well.

The only alterations that I made was the picot all around the right front, the neck section, and the left side. And also in the finish of the sleeves. Since my cardigan isn’t in stripes like the original pattern, I decided to give him something more girlish.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boring stockinette stitch!!!

I know I promised a finish cardigan in the next post.

But guess what? I’m almost there, not there, there yet, but there is only the second sleeve to finish, and that is all. The stockinette stitch got me not in the mod to just finish, is boring!!!!

So like I get easily distracted.

I’ve done this cute pillow for the girl’s room.

With some left over’s of blue yarn. Granny squares are starting to populate the house!

And then I finish another square for the crochet block year along.

This one is called Lacy Granny.

And then I saw someone making this cute little bag, and you know what!!! I had to do also.

The link is in Japanese, but the graphics are great, you can understand well what you have to do.

Made this one with Rosarios4, in cappuccino, sent by a friend from Portugal.

And these cute Mary Jane Booties.

She is making a sort of contest. Make one of my patterns and she sends you a pattern of your choice.

You just have to join the group at Flickr.

Remember the Coverish Toilet Paper from the last post, there is a match in my bathroom!

So I guess that is what I’ve been doing for the last 2 weeks!!!

Not much.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Coverish Toilet Paper

Coverish Toilet Paper

Yarn: Sugar’n Cream, Beach Ball Blue, 100% Cotton
DPN: 4 mm (you can use circular needles, but for the decrease rounds dpn works better)
Gauge: 20sts- 26 rows= 4’’ (10cm)

Cast on 60 Stitches
Join around; be careful not to twist the stitches
Round 1-10= knit
Round 11-12= purl
Round 13-23= knit
Round 24-25= purl
Round 26-29=knit

Start the decrease rows
Row1= (k4, k2tog) repeat until the end of the row ending with k2tog
Row3= (k3, k2tog) repeat until the end of the row ending with k2tog
Row5= (k2, k2tog) repeat until the end of the row ending with k2tog
Row6= knit
Row7= (k1, k2tog) repeat until the end of the row ending with k2tog
Row9= (k2tog) repeat until the end of the row
Row10= knit
Row11= (k2tog) repeat until the end of the row
Cut yarn leaving about 6’’ of string; pass the yarn through the remaining stitches in the needle.
Fasten off.

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