14 August 2007

I'm so vain...

Yes this award is about me, I’m so vain…..
Thank you for giving me this award Jesse. I really like everything that you put in your blog, especially the cartons, are wonderful. And every single day I’m knocking on your blog for more adventures!
Now the deal is to give five more awards to other girl bloggers.
So here it goes:
All these blogs inspire me. They all talk about the knitting, the crochet, and the way sometimes our lives don’t go according to plan….
I really enjoy reading these ones and more….
Thank you all:)


Knitting Rose said...

I am soo flattered!! I love reading about knitting and it always inspires me too! I just never thought I would be an inspiration for anyone else.
WOW! How cool is that!
Thank you!

Maria1975 said...

Thank You Cristina! I am honored. You have been such a great help and inspiration to me, I can't even tell you.

Jesse said...

Thank you! I really appreciate the comments you leave about the comics!

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