Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy bee

Last week I meet Ruth. She knits, and does a lot of quilting. It is amazing that we have meet on the net for several months now, but only now we had the opportunity to meet face to face. She only lives 20 minutes from me! Yes it is unbelievable. So I brought my two wilds, and she brought her gorgeous girl. The kids made a plot against us, and the meeting was a little bit of confusion! But at the end I was very happy to meet someone that has the same craft taste has mine.
The mystery sock went to the frog pond. Don’t worry about that, I will cast on again; it is just that I knew that I made a mistake on the last row of the pattern as I turned to the heel. So updates on that next week. But the good news about that is that now I can do the socks with no worry about the yarn. I managed to find another ball in the shop, and now I can make the two socks from two balls, cool.
Nicole doesn’t have a decent coat to wear! Yes can you believe it; mummy does a lot of knitting but no coat for the poor girl to dress. So I put my needles at work without seam, just top down. Here is my evolution so far.

I’ve frog this one also a couple of times, I’m taking the idea from a pattern of a coat for babies. So that is why I’ve froged so many times, I think now I’ve got the right stitches in the needle. Don’t you think my stitch markers are cute? Handmade of course. By me. Here you don’t find any of those for sale, and seriously, the ones that I see on the net, with the shipping and the currency of the coin, are too expensive. So I thought of doing some for myself.
So has you can see I’ve been very busy. But looking at the calendar we are only 3 weeks from Christmas, and I still have a lot of presents also to do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mystery #3

The 3rd clue is done.

But deep inside I think I made a mistake, when I started the heel. Because of the pattern that I made in clue#2. Let’s see….
I did enjoy making this heel pattern, it is so beautiful!

Now isn’t nature beautiful!

Inspired by Jayne, I started to do my little garden. And you can see that is very small, but made with a lot of love. Sounded like melodramatic!
Those were seeds of parsley, and hopefully, we can start taking them out maybe in 1 or two weeks.
I’m going to try to choose a different variety of other seeds, and try to do the same. It will be fun, which is certain!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I finally finished the second clue of the Sock Knitters anonymous from ravelry!

Yes I had problems. Well I actually had a lot of problems!

I frogged this sock almost 10 times, but I was expecting some problems so I put a life line in the last round of the first clue, lucky me, maybe I was really expecting trouble!
I’ve never knitted something from a chart, and apparently from a chart working around is even worse!
Hopefully I had a big help from this spectacular lady. Yes thank you, with your explanations, by sending emails, one after another, I would never have done this mystery sock.
Now, here are the photos of the evolution.

Waiting for the 3rd clue now, let’s hope it doesn’t come in chart. But if it is in chart, I just have to put a life line, and had some extra laughs every time that I frog.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Ok, so I’m just almost finishing the dress of the Pink Kitty, yes I know I should have done by now, but meanwhile; I just came across with a post of MsTarzan in her blog, and got curious!
Then I went to revelry and saw the group, and I just fall in love with the idea of knitting a pair of socks without knowing what was coming out of there! Just like the Monthly dishcloth (that I also belong to). So here am I trying to do socks, again.

Know do you want to tease me a little?
I went the past Monday to buy some yarn for the socks in question, but I only brought home one ball of 100g. I was so blind in buying yarn that I didn’t realize that I had to buy two balls, and not one. So now I’m doing the pair of socks, one from the inside, and the other from the outside, silly me!

And for the story to be more fun, I don’t have the needles for it, so the other sock is now in some extra needles waiting for their turn.

But there is more, the yarn that I bought isn’t for socks, is 4 ply, so I don’t really know how this is going to end, most probably I will have to frog everything, just because I don’t have enough yarn, or because this sock is for giant feet! So this is what it looks like with the first clue. I’m starting the second clue today. It is in a chart; I have never done something from a chart, just sit and relax from my next news from my adventure!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crochet mini monster!

Tisane la chatte

This is a doll that I just started to do. This mousse, I’m going to call her Pinky mousse. And it is a mini monster, just because I’m using a very small needle, and the yarn is also very thinner.

I can’t remember how long I worked with such a small needle, long, long time ago. And it is getting fun, but the work is so small, and the entire crochet piece just goes around in my hands, like I’m touching in eggs, and afraid to break!

You can have a perspective of the doll here in this photo.

Well, better go and try to finish.
Nice weekend everyone.