Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy making flowers....

You can feel the winter approaching around here.... the nights are starting to get cold.
As I look outside of my window, it is raining.... that is why these flowers came on the right time :)

 And this tree is just too cute for words ....

Cristina xxxx


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Travel mobile


Showing another mobile with planes and hot air balloon, but this time also with helicopters.

Cristina xxxxx


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Felt plus photos

Happy Saturday everyone :)

Photos and more photos starting now!

.... and then I made.....

....and I'm on the way with this travel mobile....

Not much to show...

See you around :)

Cristina xxx


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Struggling to get organized....?

Hi all

This post is going to show a little about my obsession about organize.... tools that I used....
to help me with my day....

(you going to like this Maria :) )

My diary is my best friend and it follows me everywhere....
Monday is the most complicated day for me and my girls....
I have the morning to work with my felt.... but after that is the all afternoon out from 13:30 until 18:00.
From picking up from school, extra mats, homework in the library (because we don't have time until the next extra mural to go home), ballet for both of them....
In this page you can see that I divided in the middle with a black line.
On the left I write all my appointments, what to do, where must I be....
Bottom I write in pencil what I think is going to be for dinner.
On the right with pink all the work that I have thought that I will be able to do in the morning and a little at night (after the girls went to bed).
On the bottom (very familiar for those that lived here.... or know what is happening with our electricity supplier) is the schedule for the loadshedding, from where I live and my husband office.

Now, I do not have any fancy washi tape or cute stickers to decorate my very busy diary, only colorful pens.... so each night I leave my book on the table for the next morning for breakfast.... that is when my older girl comes to cheer me up a little.... she just decorated like she likes it ( I live it )

Yes I have a artist in the family.... with sense of humour!

Made this divider, good way for me to find the day that I'm on.

Another challenge that I took since the beginning of this year... the 52 week savings challenge....
I am on right track :)

check mark on the left from my husband.... check mark on the right from me.... hopefully we will double this challenge... fingers crossed.

Now, it is very embarrassed when someone contacts you, via email or Facebook.... and you don't remember that person from anywhere.... (it happen to me and I just kicked myself one thousand times)
This is my book for clients.... my client organizer, let's say.
I have here all the names of all the wonderful people that I made work for, where they are from and what they order..... in alphabetical order. You almost can't see, but on the right just before the name of the client I write in red the month and the year that I made the work for that person.
I made this one myself..... thought at the time it was too expensive to buy a already made index book...
I do think is pretty good :)
So this is what I have to show to you all today.... a little bit of my live....
what about you, how do you keep your day organized.... I would love to ear from you :)Cristina xxx


Monday, May 11, 2015

Today is Monday....

Morning all :)

Here we are Monday.... hope you'll be nice to me.... :)

Post with lot and lots of photos .... here we go :)

                                                     Orders finished and delivered...

                                              ... and on the way another Plane Mobile....

                                             .... and my owl is already traveling with me :)

Enjoy your day :)

C xxx


Sunday, May 03, 2015

Xmas and Ballerinas.... a dream of every girl :)

... Now isn't that true?
It is the perfect combination for every little girl.... so let's see what am I talking about....

This is going to be my work during the week....

Xmas decorations.... yes, why not.... have to be prepared in time.... and the wonderfull lady that made this order is already on the right track :)

Made this little owl today. It was my Sunday inspiration.

It is going to travel with me in the car, everyday :)
I'll take photos tomorrow...
Until then... have a peaceful night

Hot hot



Saturday, May 02, 2015

Afrikaans en vilt

By now you all confused about the title of this post....
No I'm not going to start to write in Afrikaans, although that would be a good exercise to help me to learn faster.

This morning we went to search for a book for N for school.... 2nd hand book shops are my most dangerous place to be on.... if I have money I will spend everything!
It is my second danger zone... my first one is Fabric shops....

So I'm trying to learn Afrikaans for a while now.
Here in South Africa there are 11 oficial languages.... crazy I tell you... but the only ones that are more common to use are Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.
So I found this little book....

 ... and I'm going to try to learn 1000 words....

For the Little Wilds side.... I've finished the Mobile already, just wanted to get the approval before I post it.... got it yesterday.... so here are the photos....

Love how the colours work so well together :)

Have a nice Saturday

C xxxx


Friday, May 01, 2015


Hello May

In this part of the world we are starting to get the chill of the nights... warm days yes... but it is starting to get colder and colder everyday... but I don't mind because cold days are my favourite. Not a summer girl here!

Guess I should have moved to Canada.... at least I would see some snow... Oh yes... that would be one of the items to take off from my bucket list :)

What have I been doing.... finishing some orders, trying to clean the order book, and therefore trying to have a little of rested nights and weekends, that would be nice.

My challenge for saving money is still on... almost everyday I count the money that is inside the little pot (well not really counting... just looking at the checked squares) happy to see that I can stick to the plan.

Trying to find a cleaning schedule .... not in luck. Don't mind cleaning... just ironing is my most hated job! I like lists and be organised so a nice schedule would be nice to follow....

Waiting for approval for this Dino Mobile....

You want believe what I am going to do next.....

C xxxx