30 September 2014

WIP Ballerinas

Last day of Septembre.... amazing how time really flies!

Big order here to finish until the end of this week...
Working on the first group....

The first one is out...

Enjoy :)

27 September 2014

Lion birthday badge

Another Birthday badge made, this time for a safari theme party.

This one is going to fly, far away from ZA to Dubai. Have a safe fly little lion :)

Cristina Xxxx



Hi all :)

So from this....

... I managed to cut all this!

It will be 25 Ballerinas for a baby shower... let the fun begin!

Cristina Xxxx
25 September 2014

This and this, plus that and even more....

.....a lot of cute work to show here (who follows me on Facebook is on the spot) ....
so last week I finish the cutest mini tooth pillows for a dentist office... she is going to give for the good patientes...

On the same morning a cute little girl received my first Peppa Pig and a puppet finger :)

Then I started to cut and do a Butterfly Mobile....

... made another My little pony and another Peppa pig....

.... now I'm cutting for a order of 25 Ballerinas

This order is going to take longer....

But I will came tomorrow to show a birthday badge that I made yesterday....

See you tomorrow

C xxxxx

19 September 2014

I love Friday!

Happy Friday!

18 September 2014

Cutting Felt...

I cut everything to be done until this Sunday....

A Tooth Pillow keychain, order for a Dentist, to be given away to the "good" patients!

And a Butterfly Mobile, in shades of white, grey and a little of pink.

Enjoy your day

17 September 2014

Ballerina Mobile

Ballerina Mobile with beautiful colours :)

Enjoy your day



Peppa Pig

Morning all

Peppa Pig made in felt... gave me a little bit of work... but at the end it looks exactly like it should!
This was a order for a birthday girl... her birthday is going to be tomorrow... so let's see what I did...

Then I made little gifts...
She is going to be 4 :)

...and something to play with...

My first attempt to make a finger puppet... I think I did pretty well :)

Next post will be of a Ballerina Mobile...

Enjoy your day


10 September 2014


All my goodies to the market....

It is going to be on the 18th of this month...

Cristina Xxxx
9 September 2014

Mini tooth pillow

Getting ready for a market and handling orders at the same time, can get a little complicated....

These Tooth Pillows are done.... and taking ages to finish 5 Dinosaurs!
Had a request for a tooth pillow in keychain size....
It looks absolutely cute... can't see the difference here?
see the photos below....

Cute.... <3 p="">

Cristina Xxxx

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