Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays

Have a Wonderful Christmas
And a happy New Year

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cleaning Bags-Part II

Here are some works that I was able to finish for now.

Still have more, believe it or not!!!

I would like very much to start the New Year, with new stuff, from scratch.

Let’s see if I can.

This crochet bag was having a long sleep inside the bag.

So I gave her a kiss, and there, done!

I’ve put some lining inside to try to use as a bag, but no photos of that, sorry.

And I finish also the Sundance bag.

At the beginning I didn’t really understand the graphic, on the pattern, because I was thinking as a very experience knitter (who am I fooling!!!), then, just after a few hours I saw the pattern written, DAH!!!

Well, accident apart, I enjoyed this little one, and it is in my favourite colour!!!

Today is my last at work. The pre-school were the girls are going to close today, so I will be at home until the next year. Luckily I have the luck to be able to stay at home, otherwise, more extra money, for extra school!!!

See you all



Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleaning the bags

Now it is time to finish all the WIP around here.

I’ve started with the Sexy Vest.

Begined a long time ago, and just finished!

I liked doing it, but I made some modifications.

I didn’t increasse under the armholes, where the pattern asked for. I just made everything to up, so straight.

I only used 2 balls of Family Knit 4 ply, believe it or not, that was what I had, and it went all for this vest, not a cm more!

I will really do this one again, but with maybe with cotton, so that can be used at summer time.

Afther all lace isn’t so difficult.

Then I just made a breack and cast on for the Waffle Knit Dishcloth.

I’ve bougth some vinnis cotton a long time ago, but not shore how the cotton reacts with the water and the cleaning. Since this cotton fells so soft.

I’m very happy with the result of the pattern that I chose, and with the cotton it self.

I do believe I like it more then the Sugar’n Cream!

So that is all

Have a nice weekend everyone :)



Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday party went well.

Actually, went better then I expected, with all the stress that I had, I thought that I would forget something along the way…

We had the baptism first in the church, and then went home to eat some goodies!

I do think the photos can describe better then my words.

So back to reality…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit to Cape Point

This will be a late post.

Actually the photos that I’m going to put here were taken on Sunday, but only today I managed to arrange them, and get a map, for who is outside of South Africa to understand better.

This Sunday we went to visit the Cape of Good Hope, more know here as the Cape Point.

It took us 2 hours to get there, you can see in the map, where we live, to get to the destination.

On the way Cape Point, N. wanted me to take a lot of photos of the mountains, so here is the proof…,

Actually in this part of the country, we have a lot of mountains all around, which is funny, because in some places, at winter time, you can see snow, and in the same day just go and walk on the beach!

Now, Cape Point is situated in a park reserve, with a lot of wild life, like ostrich, baboons, bucks (the national South Africa animal), etc.

In this photo you can see the entrance of the reserve park.

Then for you to go to the actual lighthouse, you must go by, like they call it, a Flying Dutchman Funicular.

You can also walk up the mountain, but we went by funicular, because we had two kids.

On the top you still have to walk to the lighthouse, a few steps, nothing much.

So here is the image of the lighthouse from the funicular exit.

And if you look to the opposite direction you can see the actual Cape of Good Hope.

Don’t have any photos of that, it was very windy, and a lot of baboons on the loose, we had to be extra careful, because these little animals like to still everything from your hands, and sometimes they can actually get aggressive.

And just to finish the all family, less me, someone had to take the photo!!!

(in the photo, my two little wilds, my husband in the square shirt, his mother and step-father)

It was fun, the kids had fun, and it was a relaxed and a different Sunday, for a change!

In crochet news. I’ve managed to finish the dresses for the girls. One shrug down and the second one is almost done.

See you



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spring cardigan

Just wanted to show one of the projects that I finished a long time ago, but only this week I found the buttons for this cardigan.

The pattern comes from Drops.
Had a little problem in understanding how to join the sleeves under the arm, but at the end I follow my intuition.

I like this blue; it is called blue jeans from Elle knitting family 4ply.
But to make a sweater or something like that, it was too dark for the kids.
So I tried to make in crochet, and you can see that the blue isn’t so hard, and it is really softer for kid clothing.

I’ve a little quiet, because I’m busy doing the dresses for my two girls for their baptism, that will be in the beginning of November. So now the stress is starting to come out.
I’m doing the top part in crochet, joining fabric at the bottom of the dress.
And also doing a little shrug, I don’t know how the weather is going to be, so that is my emergency plan.

So most probably I will only post when I have everything organize, nicely.
So back to work



Monday, October 06, 2008

...and knitting, knitting....

Here is a update of my WIP.

I’ve been taking everything slowly, to try to not have a big queue of things to do, not that I didn’t want that!

So I started this project at the beginning of last month, and I just have to complete the body down. It is from a Brazilian site, the pattern was sent out by clues, every Friday.

For now I just have to finish the body and that is it.

I’m enjoying this one, and most probably I will do again, but with no pattern, maybe plain in stockinet stitch, and then maybe some lace at the bottom of the sweater, and in the sleeves.

Another project that I’ve been doing, and finished, is some mystery project from the Terry Morris group on yahoo.

It was fun, just because we didn’t have any idea what we were doing. It didn’t look like a slipper for everyone in the beginning. Only the last clue told how to fold the project, and that the magic of the thing, who would guess!!!

For now that’s it

More works to be post next time.

So stay tuned…



Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometimes Stress is good!

I’ve been busy with my new work, now I have hours of starting and finish. I worked from home, but you know it is never the same, when ever you want you stop to wash the dishes, or to clean the bathroom and the real time for the real work is never counted.
Now I must get out of home, to actually go to an office.
I like it, because I can separate from the home work, and the office work.
The two girls are now in the same crèche, the youngest one loves it, and I’m happy with it.
I still have a little time just for me, myself, me and only me. That I missed for a long time.
Although I have to learn a lot of things of how to work in a lot of programs in the pc, but it is ok, my head is starting to get so many information at the same time that is almost exploding, but I guess I missed it, the stress of the a work day.
Apart from the stress I do believe it relives me from the stress of home. I do fell that now I’m more calmed, even talking with the kids, and all about they “normal” mistakes.
So knitting and crochet went to the second priority now.
I’m still making things, but slower, only have time at night, after the kids go to bed and everything is clean an nice.
I really needed this!
Something was missing and I didn’t realize that it was this.
I had a good time in being a SAHM for all day, but now being a half SAHM is also nice.
Now I can talk with adult people, the conversation ends always in kids, but it is different.
I’m happy.
And I’m working in the husband company, so I’m also working for my future, good!
Meanwhile I had an order from the owner of the wool shop that I go regularly, about my mini coin purses, isn’t that funny!
I’ve been so long at home, and now that my day is complete, someone comes with a order for something that I do. I love it. It took me more time to do the mini purses, but I did it. And she loved it. I’m doing the happy dance. Of course all the money went to buy more wool, what else?
These are two of the 5 purses that she took.

And now that I have less time, I’m trying to do one work at the time.
So I’m doing a mystery project from a Portuguese site. You have to register to enter, and every Friday a part of the pattern comes along.
It is going to be something for a 4 year kid to wear.

I’m more advance then the photo shows.
So next time I will take another photo.

See you all next time.



Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm still here!

Just to say that I'm still alive.
A lot as changed since the beginning of this month.
Got a half-time job, in the family company.
Got a new (old) laptop.
Still transferring all the data, from the older one.
And trying to get a routine here!
Hopefully, next week i will resume to my postings again :)

Thank you for everyone who pops by ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not that short, but very, very sweet!

I’ve been seeing this mini cardigan in crochet at the net for a long time from Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker, but never caught my attention.
Last week, while I was lost in the cables of the net, I saw so many photos of this project, and actually many of them were made for girls, that I thought of giving a try.
So with the some blue cotton, I made a vest.

Why do I never follow the pattern, well I don’t know, guess it is just me.
I don’t think the sleeves here would be nice.
Made a little longer.
Still deciding if I’m going to make some cords at the front to tie, or not.
For now it is going to be like this.
The lace pattern wasn’t so hard to do, actually after the second row I just made by heart, only stopping for the technical increases.

Although I have to say, I found a lot of mistakes in the pattern, well not really mistakes, but things that were supposed to be there and weren’t.
Well, never mind.
I like it
I know it is not for me.

She loves it!

I also did another pair of socks for A.

Another pair for the SAM6 for the August month!
See you all next time.



Monday, August 25, 2008


Long time no post!

But there is a reason for that; I’ve been knitting and crochet, and keeping me away more from the computer. I am thirsty to see all my works done. The ones already in needles, and the others that are in my mind.

So without any delay I present you Maria!
In Honor to my Mother Maria

Now let’s go to the story…

This pink coat was made by my mother, many, many moons ago. I was still at school. I still have it, I still wear it, and I simple love it.

Since I like this coat so much, and since I had that thicker grey yarn, that I was trying to do the Gilmore vest with it, I thought this yarn was perfect just to make a smaller coat.
And using the new methods from today (like no seam).

I’ve made this one, first the sleeves, and then put them aside.

Then I did the body, starting at the bottom and went up to the neck, in the middle I joining the sleeves, and that was it.

I was worried about the yarn, if it wasn’t enough, but at the end it was more that I needed!

Purl1, knit6, Purl1, basic stitch pattern.
Made the raglan sleeves.

I like it. I like it a lot.
And I’m happy, since the weather here is still cold.

Next post it will be about some Vest in crochet that is almost done.

Stay tuned…