Monday, August 13, 2007

On the way...

Only a quick post about the bags that are on my needles at the moment!

This one is the Elisa's Nest Tote. It is a little bit smaller than the original pattern. I just made 20 inches, instead of the 24 inches that was asked. The stitches, I've got a problem sometimes with the patterns, i just do it my way, but at the end, everything turn out good. It called for a knitting stitch, that i didn't do, instead i made purl ones.

As you can see it as a lot of yo's, and it is very difficult for you to see where you are once you put your work down, and came back again, because you begin the pattern with a, in my case, purl one stitch and yo, and then purl one row, and on the next row you start with purl2tog.
so that is way is a little bit complicated to just leave and return again, at least for me.

So today I'm making the I-cord all around the bag, and the handles also.

I think that next I'm going to try to this but in crochet (yes, I'm returning to the crochet after all this years). For me is better to do crochet, just because i can grab the work and go after the kids when they start to cry. With knitting is a little complicated because I'm a Portuguese knitter, and that means always caring the yarn around my neck. I'm really thinking of getting some pictures from that. Later girls:)

And this the Fat Bottom Bag.

This is as far as i went. I'm starting also with the handles now. This yarn is my favourite. From Pure Gold, DK, In the color: Caviar!!

Yes, it is not black. Girls this is the most expensive bag that i ever made. In Caviar, really.

It looks like black, but it changes the color a little, like velvet, I see a little of blue there, But my MIL sees brown, And the Big boss says it is purple. It really depends how the light is.

Now this bag i can only work during the day, because it is very dark. So I've got a crochet work for the day, and a knitting work for the night :)

see you soon...


  1. Can't wait to see the Nest bag finished. I have a girlfriend who was wanting to knit a bag like that.

    The Caviar bag is lovely! I wish I could see the yarn in person, but it sounds so beautiful.

  2. Both are beautiful, just like I knew they would be! I have Debbie Stoller's book "The Happy Hooker", and it has the pattern for the fat bottom bag. I may have to make it after seeing your beautiful bag! Love that Caviar color!

  3. I can't wait to see both bags completed. I also love that caviar. An investment to be sure, but what a luxurious knit!