2 September 2007

Amigurumi Bird

Cute, isn’t it?
This was my first really serious amigurumi.
Please ignore the yes and the beak of the bird. I was in such a rush to finish, that I didn’t wanted to wait until go to the shop to buy the eyes. But I think it is ok. It is handmade, remember!
I just join a new crochetalong, where there are deadlines to finish something that they propose to do.
You can find it here
I’m going to try to do another one again; maybe will not look so alien.
I really need a day with 48 hours! Can anybody tell me where to find it?
Happy knitting, crochet, crafts, amigurumi, and whatever you’re doing at the moment…


Sharon said...

LOL, when you start to find days like that, let me know!

I think he looks cute like that, very cute!

Jesse said...

Very cute indeed! Nothing wrong with the eyes and beak - he has a really sweet expression.

48 hour days ...I want one too!

Maria1975 said...

You get more done in 24 hours then most of the people I know!
Cute Amigurumi, I love the eyes and beak—don't change a thing!

Lynn said...

He's adoable! Love the bright red. :)

Melissa F. in CA said...

I think the bird is soooooo precious just the way it is :)

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