Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our Christmas decorations are all up

Yes our tree is under the stairs... this was the only available spot at the living room, and the safest trouble :)

These are some decorations that i had for the house, all hand made by my two little wilds

This one is from Angelina

And this one is from Nicole
And this one is mine HA HA

Some cuts of red, green and white paper

And decorations for the windows

Nothing too fancy
But when i look at front of the house, i can see some snow flakes in the window, and i think Christmas is fun.

Now for the end of this year, and for the beginning of the new one (I'm felling older!!!)
I cast on for the Chevron Lace Cardigan from
I'm enjoying it, let's see how it turns out...

So must probably this is going to be my only post until Christmas, and maybe for this year.

So i wish to everyone

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Where can i find a 48 hour day???

I used to have a lot of time when i was single ;)

Then i got married and my time started to get shorter, but i still had time to do some crafts, and to read a book in the couch...

Then i had my first girl, the spare time here, went from 50% to 25%, it was OK... eventually you get used to it

Then i had my second girl, and oh boy, the word time, only appears in the dictionary, that's for shore!!!
I mean for me to be able to do some crafts i have to close them in the pantry, or sit them in a chair with a rope around, just in case... I'm joking!!!!
My spare time really went away, not even to read a book, even if i sit in a couch to watch a little of TV, give me 5 minutes, and the movie transforms to a cloud...

Wait A. is calling....

OK I'm back after 20 minutes, see this is what my day is all about...

So since this is the first day of the month of Dez.
And there will be 24 sleeps until Christmas (words of N.)
And because there will be 30 days until this year is a bye, bye
I decided to make a post, ha ha.

And because i don't like to make post with out pictures.

Here are two mini purses for coins.

This one has a free tutorial on the net.
I like it, but maybe next time i will try to make it bigger.

And tis one was for one of N. friends from school for her birthday.
I even did the embroidery name on it.
It looks so cute.

I'm going to make more of this...

So wish me luck
for the next post

Ta Ta


Friday, November 13, 2009

Do visit...

For quite a while i had a wish of sharing my links and visits through blogs and sites from the net and sometimes my wonderful finds...

So maybe Fridays is a good day to start, so you can just navigate during the weekend.
Some of them are in Portuguese, but i think that is not a problem, if you don't want to translate via google, you can just see the photos, that is what i do in some Chinese ones, ha ha!

Ana Catita: : with lots of imagination, it is written by a Portuguese girl. Sandra will like your visit for shore!!

Chica Pequena: : in here you can find a lot of tutorials, especial to work with felt, but you can also appreciate the work of this Brazilian girl.

Bolos Coloridos: : If you want to get inspired with cake decorations, this is a good spot to stop!! Please do pop by, and live a comment to my best friend Ana.

I hope you like my suggestions.
Please tell me if i miss something, comments and critics are most welcome



Monday, October 12, 2009


Little work to show

Hope you like it...

I'm triyng to make little gifts to sell at local shops.
Don't know if this is going to work...


Relaxing Sundays

Sundays, after the bath and just before supper time, the relaxing time is in order.

And now strike a pose...

Maybe i should start to by National Geographic for snowy also?????

Friday, October 02, 2009

Snowy and Me

Now this looks like the movie Marley and Me..... But the names are a little different....

This little peaceful face that you see in the photo is already doing some of her own!!!

This is only one example of what is going on in this house now!!!

I've been arranging pants, sweaters, and all the possible clothes that you can imagine, BUT only from Nicole.
I don't know why, only her clothes have holes from the dog!!!

This is my imagination going wild trying to improvise to cover holes.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Coming Back.........

I can't believe that a month as passed since my last post!!!!!

Still i was always doing something...

I'm going to show today, some work that i finish a long time ago, but never had the chance to publish,
And some work that i finished last month.

So enjoy!!

A fabric bag that i made to test how the sew together the lining and the fabric together worked...

A dishcloth for the kitchen

Another green bag... this one made with string.


This one made with wool

It is Spring around here, but it is still very cold, so this two ponchos that i made are still in use, believe it or not!!!

And that's it.

I've still have more things to show, these ones i made for Nicole birthday party. But that will be for the next post.

Bye Bye


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini felt picture

Remember the embroidery with felt from the last post?

So i made a picture, and it is already hanging on the hall...

Now, here is how i did it...
First i glue the back part of the fabric, in a very thick cardboard...
Then i made a nice finish with a darker fabric... (like a professional.... no?....)

Then i got some string, helped with two tiny rounds of felt....

And why not, my so proud label in the back...HA HA

Hope you liked my idea...

By the way i forgot to tell you that maybe my knitting mojo as return...
I'm starting with a triangular scarf, a very small thing, maybe that was my problem, after i did that huge cardigan, i got tired.
So I'm starting small again...
will show you more on my next post.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Embroidery and felt fabric = good combination

I've just finish this mini embroidery and felt work.
I enjoy it very much.
Is already out of that wood frame, and glued in a very hard cardboard paper, in a 10 x 12 cm.
i was thinking of doing a picture with it.
Let's see, that will be a photo for my next post.

This embroidery, i made it a long time ago, but forgot to post about it.

The party is over...
Very cute
BUT, where should i use it
As a applique for a bag???
For another picture???

Please can someone give me some lights here...


Friday, August 14, 2009


While my mojo for knitting is still off line...

I've been playing with some felt fabric.

One felt basket, and my love tree.

What do you think?


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ballet bag and other stuff...

I think I've lost my knitting mojo somewhere...

So to compensate I've changed to fabric.

Don't ask me what happened, i just don't feel like it. This as been for several weeks now.

Not happy about, knitting and crochet do have importance in my life, i like to watch TV while doing it.
And actually lately I'm a little bit frustrated, because keeping my hands busy while watching TV doesn't let me to fall a sleep in the middle of a movie!! It is my therapy...

I also like to sew, but don't have TV were the sewing machine is...

So lately I've been doing some mini work with fabric, for our necessities.

N. needed a little bag for the ballet clothes.

The embroidery was made a long time ago, and i just made it applique in the front.
With two little hearts hanging, cute :)

Now, to the testing...
Tried to make a market bag, with a way to keep it tidy inside my bag.
This was the result...

Just for you to see how small she goes...

And just to show, that a long time ago, make two months ago i made these cute room slippers in crochet.

From this book, that i got for the local library.

The book has some very good ideas, a little bit old, but that is all you can get in the local library.