Monday, April 27, 2015

Balloon Banner

Today is public holiday here in ZA, It is Freedom Day :)
So with a little bit of time for my self, I managed to finish this big order....

This Balloon Banner was so cute to make....

And it goes with the previous mobile....

Can't wait to see some photos from the room of this little boy :)

Cristina Xxxx


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Plane Mobile

Morning all :)

My days are starting to get busy with my little business and the extra sport from girls....
Still have time to come here and show my little masterpieces ;)

.... on the way a banner to go with this gorgeous mobile....

Long weekend here... Monday is Freedom Day... so a little bit more time to just relax....

C xxx


Sunday, April 19, 2015

A little update.....

So... so... so....

Have to make a little catch up here.... there is some work that I haven't post here... ready... let's go!

Beginning of this month.... made some tieback curtains with the Minnie Mouse and a plushie....

Then I made a wonderful Dino mobile

I had great fun making the little guy in the middle :)

Another mobile came along.... a little bit different from my previous mobiles... I loved it!

Now I could have 3 post here... but why?
let me just fill this post with lost of photos.... that is what I like to see on the other blogs posts and that is ok :)

Cutting now a mobile with planes and a hot air balloon....

Cristina xxxx

Thursday, April 16, 2015

My little corner....

Hi gorgeous followers :)
I thought for today I would give you a little tour of my little craft-studio corner....

in front of my table I have a window... the view is not glamorous.... I can see a yellow wall that divides me and my neighbors house.... but I put it prettier with my banner on :)
Just forget to say that my little corner is really in a corner.... my living room is the spot!
Behind me there is the TV, couches and all that a normal living room has.
This is how my table looks like when I'm creating something cute... confusion and more confusion.
Because I don't have a lot of space I managed to get this table that folds when not in use. Usually I put there all the bits and bobs that I need to use at that time. 
My collection of scissors and my most helpful friend the octopus pin cushion!

My collection of felt, all tidy in a wooden box.
My inspiration/sample corner....

And when I'm done.... my table looks very tidy.... awaiting for a new challenge!

It would be nice to see more craft-studio corners from you guys.... please do post and send me a message so we can all have a peep :)

Have a lot of other post to do here.... lots of new goodies that I made that I just posted on Facebook and not here.... Until next week I will try to update all the info here....

Cristina xxxx


Monday, April 06, 2015

Felt "rag" Doll

Easter finished yesterday, but here in South Africa we are still on holiday... for every time that a public holiday falls on a Sunday, we have a day of goodwill on Monday.... got to love doing the less possible ;)

This long weekend was fun, girls eating chocolate until they actually drop.....
lunch with family and friends from long distance. It was so nice to see all of them.

What I made?.... You know I can't stay 1 day away from my lovely felt!
Made this doll that is a sample for a client....
With luck if she likes it.... there will be a couple of posts about it, fingers crossed.
Now for the photos, right?

See you....



Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Easter bunny teachers gift

Today is the last day for the first term here in ZA.
These holidays are for the Easter break.

So..... Yesterday I had to interrupt my work... to do another cute work.
My girls went on the net, saw a photo of a cute bunny... and.... "please mommy can you do this one for us , so we can give to teacher tomorrow"..... What?!?!

So there I was, cutting fast and sewing even faster.......

But it came out so cute!

..... made two....
They went with a little chocolate... a Easter gift for the teacher....

Check the little tail on the back.... just adorable! back to the normal schedule....

C xxx


Tieback curtains

Another set of tie backs and a little bigger Minnie Mouse doll.... This is my next order :)

It took me 4 attempts to do this little one face..... now I like it :)