23 December 2008

Happy Holidays

Have a Wonderful Christmas
And a happy New Year
12 December 2008

Cleaning Bags-Part II

Here are some works that I was able to finish for now.

Still have more, believe it or not!!!

I would like very much to start the New Year, with new stuff, from scratch.

Let’s see if I can.

This crochet bag was having a long sleep inside the bag.

So I gave her a kiss, and there, done!

I’ve put some lining inside to try to use as a bag, but no photos of that, sorry.

And I finish also the Sundance bag.

At the beginning I didn’t really understand the graphic, on the pattern, because I was thinking as a very experience knitter (who am I fooling!!!), then, just after a few hours I saw the pattern written, DAH!!!

Well, accident apart, I enjoyed this little one, and it is in my favourite colour!!!

Today is my last at work. The pre-school were the girls are going to close today, so I will be at home until the next year. Luckily I have the luck to be able to stay at home, otherwise, more extra money, for extra school!!!

See you all



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