Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ideias, yes. Work....

No photos today! Of what I’m doing, but…

Why? Just because I’ve been working on some projects, and then I just frog them because I don’t like the way that the yarn goes with it, and then moved to another project, and then, that wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I think I’m a little bit stuck here!

Well first I started the famous Fat bottom bag.

The photo was taken from this site, it is in Portuguese, she works a lot in crochet, and does a lot of pretty things, a lot of videos for you to learn how to work, it is in Portuguese but you can see what she is doing, and understand.

But the yarn that I was using, it is pretty, but it doesn’t work with that bag, I can’t see the beauty of that bag, so went to the frog pond, I’m still looking for some different yarn to do the bag again, I’m going to do, that is in my mind.

Then I thought that the yarn that I like so much may be ok with another bag, the Elisa's Nest tote bag. From this site.

It looks like a shopping bag, with some holes everywhere, yes; I think I’m happy now with the two together.

I’ve started already to make some Christmas presents this weekend. It was lovely, and I and the girls, and the big boos, went to Monkey town, to see our relatives :), from long, long time ago.
Little monkeys, running everywhere, and some other animals, too. Pigs, parrots, gorillas, etc. Nicole was very happy with looking at the animals without a TV, and Angelina, came out with all the sounds that the parrots made, the return home was like the little zoo had moved to inside my car. It is good that the trip is short.

Hope to put some photos of my work tomorrow
Came back again….

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  1. I like both purses. They are very pretty. I can't wait to see the ones you make!