Monday, March 31, 2014

So here is the madness in a reasonable order...

Continuing from last post....

I've passed the all weekend and this morning cutting, and cutting, then I had coffee and went to cut again ;)

1st one to go out it will be a Ballerina

2nd order to go out 20 Minions

3rd order to go out Felt Name Banner

Then it will ne a butterfly Mobile, that I didn't even started cutting....

and for the same date a Rock&Roll Party Favor for my little one birthday party....
Just a sketch made

Can't wait to finish everything to show here... in love with that Banner now....!!!!

Till next time


Saturday, March 29, 2014

let's start an epidemic of stress...

...Yes, why not?
An epidemic of Ballerinas and minions, all together...

So this past week was pretty hectic... final of 1st term here... reports ...proud of my two little wilds...
Funny how they came so smart... with a father as a IT guy and a mother that plays with dolls the all day... crazy family!

Continuing doing Ballerinas, adding a order of some Minions, then another banner follows, and finally a mobile with butterflies!!!
That is my work for the next month, PLUS a building stash for a market happening at the end of April...
But hold on, I'm forgetting something on this list... my younger girl is going to turn 8 on the 10 of April... so pretty sure there will be something like 10 party favors for all her friends that are going to get invited for the party.

Am I in panic...? YES!
Will I be able to do it....? DEFINITELY YES!

I discover in the last months that I work better in stress mode, that said, when I see a lot of work to do and so little time I tend to speed up...
This looks like a confession post ;)
So far I did some more Ballerinas and started to cut some Minions...
Pictures please....

Some made... another thousand to make

See you next time


Thursday, March 27, 2014

I guess is Ballerina time...

...Because lately I've been doing a lot of them...



And to make someone happy...

I'm happy, the client loves them, and her granddaughters are going to love it also.
Thank you for your confidence Anne :)

Did you read the title of this post?....
Yes I'm cutting some more

'til next time



Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ballerina improved...

Hello All
I know today is Sunday, but you know when you do crafts and you are the only one doing it (no helpers in the picture), Sundays aren't really a rest time, only if there is a out going and there is no way that you can take your crafts with you!

Today I tried to improve the Ballerina that I've been making for ages...

I always thought that she should have a neck, after all that is what I hear my girls ballet teacher saying, head up, show up your neck!

I also made the all doll in one part, not like the original design with arms and legs to sew later.
I must say I'm very happy with the alterations...

So that said, I made some alterations on the old design, gently given by Erica Catarina from the Ei Menina! blog.

What do you think...

Till next time.



Friday, March 21, 2014


Two posts in one day, what a glory!!!

The banner is all up
Photos to follow....

I'm very happy and proud of the job that I made...
Has I said here many times, working with fabric is not the same thing as working with felt...
There were a lot of challenges, and all ended well...

Till nex time (not today ;) )


Almost there...

Fabric banner is gaining shape....

Hopefully It will be in one final banner by the end of today...

Till next time


Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondays are not so bad!!!

Hello Monday
This week is going to be short there is no Friday... well technically there is Friday on the calendar, but it is holiday here, Humans Rights Day.
So we are waiting impatiently for this weekend of 3 days....

N finish her work with felt yesterday...

I think for a first time beginner it is not bad, not bad at all.
She cuts very well, I do think I'm going to start to use her for my goodies, with a percentage for her well deserved work.
I've already told her that, and she can't wait to start...

Then I made a last minute gift for a teacher that is going away today...

It is a notebook with a removable cover.
I think she will like it!

And then we did a cute wrapping

All written by A's hand.... it is very cute!

Till next time



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fabric Banner and teaching

Happy Saturday everyone!

Doing the fabric banner, still....

It hasn't been easy... working with felt is different from working with fabric, different reactions is size and in look...
So far the recipient is happy with what she sees....

Then this morning N decided, after she saw me selling some tooth pillows, to lear how to work with felt ;)

So here she is

cutting and sewing in a very relaxing way....

Wait until I give her the real deal.... ha ha ha.

This was also a trial to see until what point can I start to make some mini kits for little girls to do their own flowers... So far it is just an idea....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Till next time


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is love in the air!!!???

Hello lovely people

Been working on some orders, that is why the quietness from my side.

Just a note to the ladies that leave comments asking about prices, sizes, etc, from my work...
If you don't leave a way for me to reply, it gets difficult for me to get hold of you.
So please leave your email address in the comment section, or you can email me directly
easy as pie!!!!

now picture time

Got to go and work on that fabric banner, remember....

See you all


Friday, March 07, 2014

WIP- Fabric Banner

Good morning :)

FRIDAY is here....

Working on a fabric banner for a cute little girl

Still busy with measures and little details...
Hopefully there will be a final product next week...

On internal news... South Africa is passing through a moment that we already seen it in 2008...
Load shedding electricity, we had it yesterday, and the electricity company says that it may came again....!!!
So during day time there is a lot to do and plan, for the electricity cuts.... thank fully my work is made by hand ;)
Enjoy your weekend


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Think pink!

You already know nothing is impossible....

And that said... here is the proof....

I can see a future here....

Enjoy your day and be happy!!


WIP - Fabric Banner

Morning everyone

Yesterday I went shopping, He he

Need to make a fabric banner with a very long name

this is what I have so far...

Enjoy your day


Saturday, March 01, 2014

Felt banner

Farewell February and hello March
And hello to all my followers

Felt Banner Name is in order now

My first one

What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend


Felt Letters

A banner is coming tomorrow