Wednesday, January 09, 2008

let's cut!

Tutorial to cut T-shirts for a Rag Rug

First you chose a T-shirt that most probably is full of holes, and too hold to use, or just because you simple don’t like her at all!

Cut the sleeves, and the collar around the neck.

Open the T-shirt, cutting one seam along the T-shirt and cut also where the shoulders seams are, this away the T-shirt will be open like a plain fabric.

Start to make lines along the T-shirt. I used my ruler that has 1 inch wider. You can chose to make the lines in every wide has you want. Just remember the thicker you cut your fabric the thicker the rug will be, and also remember that you must have a big hook and a lot of strength to do the crochet. I used a normal pen to mark the lines.

Let’s start to cut…

Pick one edge from the T-shirt, or the top or the bottom, and cut fallowing the lines, BUT…
You are not going to cut until the end of the line…

Leave 1cm from cutting. This is the way you are going to do all the T-shirt.

Now move to the other line just next to the line that you’ve cut and start to cut in the beginning, STOP before the line stops in the other side , leave more or less 1 cm without cutting again, then move to the next line, begin to cut, and do this until all the T-shirt is cut. So you’re cutting like a zigzag, up then aside, down then aside, up then aside…

Then you can do a ball, and start your rug.

For my project I’m using a 7mm hook, with 1 Inc of fabric. It doesn’t matter if the fabrics aren’t the same, remember this is a rug, a rag rug, let’s improvise!
So go, and look for some holes in your T-shirts, chose the colors, and have fun!

PS: Nicole is enjoying the pre-school very much.


  1. Hello my dear
    Thank you so much for this, this should make one very interesting bathmat? Have a great weekend.

  2. Wonderful tutorial ! In these days we all need to learn to use what we have.
    Thank you so much!