Monday, August 27, 2007

Crochet V. Knitting and other things...

My Tote bag is done.

Has you can see this photo is the knitting one

And this is the crochet one

They almost look the same, very easy to do.

And very handy when you go shopping.

The water bottle cozy is going also well

And I’m really enjoying this cables, they look so pretty, don’t they?

The crochet square pillow is also going…and going…

Busy, busy.


  1. Ooh. Great job! Where did you get the pattern for the Knit one?

    And that cozy! I love the color and the cables are popping out so well. :)

    Busy busy indeed!

  2. wow, you have been busy! Love the cables.

  3. You are so fast, I can't believe how quickly you whip things up.
    Love the cozy, I agree with Lynn, the color is great and the cables pop!