24 August 2007


I just made a pause in the knitting and crochet to make this beautiful embroidery.

I’ve always made cross stitch, but this kind of embroidery is the first time for me.

I’m following the lessons from this site. She explains so well that makes you to wish to do it also.
I just pick some cloth that I brought from Portugal, and I did it.

I thing I’m like a sheep, always following the others around. It’s just that when I see something interesting, I also want to do it.

But truly I’m a little lazy. I’ve got a book that explains all the stitches in embroidery, in cross stitch, and also explains the knitting and crochet stitches, and I never really look at him, only when something like this comes up. This book even explains how to make dove covers!
But in the reality of things, I only do what I see on the net. I want people to make it first and then I will maybe like it and do it also. Is that wrong?

So where do you get your inspiration?
Tell me, so I don’t feel so guilty, of only making things that somebody already made.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend.

Just a small post about a big blog anniversary :)
Jacquelyn is having a contest in her blog.
Go there browse around and leave a comment, who knows maybe you'll get lucky with some prize :)
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