Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh baby its cold outside!

Really, I don’t feel like putting my water bottle in bed, forget it. I really want to put him in my living room. To show everybody how cute it is. And frankly, I don’t think the water bottle wants to spend his life hiding under the sheets!


These are the two pieces separated…

Now already sew up, but the bottle was outside taking is walk…

When he got home,

he just went inside smoothly, so happy to be dressed, that he didn’t want to go out…

He just asked me from the inside; please make me an I-cord, so that I won’t be able to lose my coat never again!

About the color of the photos.
I didn’t make two, only one. But some photos have one color and others another color. The right color is the one from the finished project. The answer to that is what happens when you take photos during the night with the lights from the house, and the other color from the sunshine in the daylight. That is the reason for the different colors.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The Water Bottle Cozy is almost done.

Now I only need to do the other part that will close the cozy, and that’s it.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have an FO!

Do you remember my first experience with a site that gives lessons in embroidery? Well I send it the photo of the homework that was asked there and my photo is on lesson 3. I’m very happy, in fact I was jumping when I received a mail from Candace, and I’m still jumping just to see my photo in another site. Jumping, jumping, hehehehehe.

Thank you Candace for the time that you take to do those lessons.

See everybody tomorrow…

Monday, August 27, 2007

Crochet V. Knitting and other things...

My Tote bag is done.

Has you can see this photo is the knitting one

And this is the crochet one

They almost look the same, very easy to do.

And very handy when you go shopping.

The water bottle cozy is going also well

And I’m really enjoying this cables, they look so pretty, don’t they?

The crochet square pillow is also going…and going…

Busy, busy.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


No comments!
But please, you can leave a comment ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007


I just made a pause in the knitting and crochet to make this beautiful embroidery.

I’ve always made cross stitch, but this kind of embroidery is the first time for me.

I’m following the lessons from this site. She explains so well that makes you to wish to do it also.
I just pick some cloth that I brought from Portugal, and I did it.

I thing I’m like a sheep, always following the others around. It’s just that when I see something interesting, I also want to do it.

But truly I’m a little lazy. I’ve got a book that explains all the stitches in embroidery, in cross stitch, and also explains the knitting and crochet stitches, and I never really look at him, only when something like this comes up. This book even explains how to make dove covers!
But in the reality of things, I only do what I see on the net. I want people to make it first and then I will maybe like it and do it also. Is that wrong?

So where do you get your inspiration?
Tell me, so I don’t feel so guilty, of only making things that somebody already made.

Hope everyone have a nice weekend.

Just a small post about a big blog anniversary :)
Jacquelyn is having a contest in her blog.
Go there browse around and leave a comment, who knows maybe you'll get lucky with some prize :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Working 9 to 5…

I was so afraid of getting the second sock syndrome, that I just finished this sock in record time!
I cast on the 20Th in the afternoon, and ended yesterday.

I just love them. And my MIL is already thinking of going to the shop to buy yarn for me to do some socks for her. My SIL also came yesterday, and told me that they were very pretty, I was thinking of making the socks for my SIL for Christmas, but here it is summer time. But maybe I’m going to do it anyway.

Notes from these socks: I cast on 48 sts. Just because the yarn is Baby DK, 100% Courtelle.
Thank you Nicole for making this pattern. They are just lovely.
The link for the pattern is here in PDF.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I’ve been trying to think, how I’m going to convert the Elisa’s Nest Bag in knitting to crochet.
I’ve pick up the only book that I brought from Portugal to see new stitches.

And so far this is what I’ve done.

The holes are going to be a little more open. But I think it is going to be also very cute at the end.

On other news. I finally got the yarn and the color that I liked to make the 9 to 5 socks.
Here’s what I’ve done so far.

I’ve already started the second one. I think I’m not going to have the syndrome of the second sock. So let me go and try to finish today before my 'mojo' goes.

See you now, now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everything goes

The Elisa’s nest Bag is done.
And you can put almost everything inside!




And especially Toys

Nicole already took the bag for her, just to walk around the house like a model!

Notes about this bag: I think nest time I will not close the side bag until the top, I think it is better to leave maybe ½ inch, so that the opening will be more larger. And just finish with the same I-cord from the handles.

Only after the weekend I’ve got more news from The Fat Bottom Bag. I must go to the store to buy some fabric. The decoration is on, and I’m really enjoying what I see.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm so vain...

Yes this award is about me, I’m so vain…..
Thank you for giving me this award Jesse. I really like everything that you put in your blog, especially the cartons, are wonderful. And every single day I’m knocking on your blog for more adventures!
Now the deal is to give five more awards to other girl bloggers.
So here it goes:
All these blogs inspire me. They all talk about the knitting, the crochet, and the way sometimes our lives don’t go according to plan….
I really enjoy reading these ones and more….
Thank you all:)

Monday, August 13, 2007

On the way...

Only a quick post about the bags that are on my needles at the moment!

This one is the Elisa's Nest Tote. It is a little bit smaller than the original pattern. I just made 20 inches, instead of the 24 inches that was asked. The stitches, I've got a problem sometimes with the patterns, i just do it my way, but at the end, everything turn out good. It called for a knitting stitch, that i didn't do, instead i made purl ones.

As you can see it as a lot of yo's, and it is very difficult for you to see where you are once you put your work down, and came back again, because you begin the pattern with a, in my case, purl one stitch and yo, and then purl one row, and on the next row you start with purl2tog.
so that is way is a little bit complicated to just leave and return again, at least for me.

So today I'm making the I-cord all around the bag, and the handles also.

I think that next I'm going to try to this but in crochet (yes, I'm returning to the crochet after all this years). For me is better to do crochet, just because i can grab the work and go after the kids when they start to cry. With knitting is a little complicated because I'm a Portuguese knitter, and that means always caring the yarn around my neck. I'm really thinking of getting some pictures from that. Later girls:)

And this the Fat Bottom Bag.

This is as far as i went. I'm starting also with the handles now. This yarn is my favourite. From Pure Gold, DK, In the color: Caviar!!

Yes, it is not black. Girls this is the most expensive bag that i ever made. In Caviar, really.

It looks like black, but it changes the color a little, like velvet, I see a little of blue there, But my MIL sees brown, And the Big boss says it is purple. It really depends how the light is.

Now this bag i can only work during the day, because it is very dark. So I've got a crochet work for the day, and a knitting work for the night :)

see you soon...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Can you believe it!

This is just a chop chop post to say that the bag that i was doing is going to the frog pond, Why?
Just because while i was doing dinner, my little girl decided to take the needles out of the yarn.
Why, oh why!
So now I'm starting again. I couldn't just put the needle, because the are too many yo's in the pattern.
Just a reminder for the parents with kids to came. PUT YOUR WORK ON THE TOPPER SHELF THAT YOU CAN NOT SEE!
Like that they can't go there, because you can't see either.

Ideias, yes. Work....

No photos today! Of what I’m doing, but…

Why? Just because I’ve been working on some projects, and then I just frog them because I don’t like the way that the yarn goes with it, and then moved to another project, and then, that wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I think I’m a little bit stuck here!

Well first I started the famous Fat bottom bag.

The photo was taken from this site, it is in Portuguese, she works a lot in crochet, and does a lot of pretty things, a lot of videos for you to learn how to work, it is in Portuguese but you can see what she is doing, and understand.

But the yarn that I was using, it is pretty, but it doesn’t work with that bag, I can’t see the beauty of that bag, so went to the frog pond, I’m still looking for some different yarn to do the bag again, I’m going to do, that is in my mind.

Then I thought that the yarn that I like so much may be ok with another bag, the Elisa's Nest tote bag. From this site.

It looks like a shopping bag, with some holes everywhere, yes; I think I’m happy now with the two together.

I’ve started already to make some Christmas presents this weekend. It was lovely, and I and the girls, and the big boos, went to Monkey town, to see our relatives :), from long, long time ago.
Little monkeys, running everywhere, and some other animals, too. Pigs, parrots, gorillas, etc. Nicole was very happy with looking at the animals without a TV, and Angelina, came out with all the sounds that the parrots made, the return home was like the little zoo had moved to inside my car. It is good that the trip is short.

Hope to put some photos of my work tomorrow
Came back again….

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Updating August Projects

Hi there.
Today my post is only about my update projects for the august month.
There were only 3 projects that i din't finished, i ha time for them, but yarn, here where i live is a nigthmare. There is only 1 store locally. So what they have is what i get ;)

I know you saw the projects with Christmas presents. It is never to earlier to start, and they are hand made, so i must not fall a sleep on this one, because you never know what could happen (am i being paranoid).

So for now is bye,bye.