Saturday, September 08, 2007

My best friend

Since everyone is showing a little bit of the bags that support all the knitting and the crochet stuff and let’s not forget other crafts.

I’m going also to open mine to the world.

This bag was originally taken from a collection of things for bath.
When open, you can see that this lady does a lot of different things, what a mess!
Now inside, taking everything to the outside there is:

A tape measure, very old, this one belonged to my mother;
2 scissors;
A bag full of handmade tags to be done;
A bag of stitch markers, also hand made by moi;
A support needle, to hold the stitches that you don’t want to work;
A ruler with measurements in cm and inches, and to know the sizes of needles;
1 DPN, their relatives are busy working in projects, and 1 crochet needle;
A needle crochet holder, yes it is almost a bag inside a bag, I just don’t know how it went there?;
And a little tiny sock, to put all the tapestry needles and pins, and everything that can sting you when you put your hand inside that bag looking for something.

And that’s it.
So are your bags as messy as mine?
Or looking better?

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