Saturday, September 15, 2007

Catastrophe V. Accomplishment


This beautiful scrubber was made with part of that cotton that Cindy send to me.
I thought that I should use that yarn very slowly, but making the most things to use on me or in the house.
So that is why I made this scrubber, but I wanted to do bigger from what this pattern calls for.
Let me tell you, he has, yes it still exists, almost 5 inches wide! Woo, what a big party I’m going to have in the bath…but as I put water and a little of soap, that beautiful scrubber became a nightmare!
It weighs almost a ton!
It is simple impossible to wash my body with that. It just feels like a giant rock washing my body and no bobbles, no bobbles anywhere!
So now it is drying outside (it has been outside for 2 days now) and as soon as it is dry I’m going to frog, and do something that doesn’t involve water!

Better news. I made the famous Jesse dolls that she sells on Etsy Handmade.

She has a pattern for the small one, and I gave a try. So cute, and the colors that I choose are simply sublime with this doll.

Now I have to give her a name… maybe Miss Buttons!

And another experience with Amigurumi.

This cute apple.

I just made a keyring with her. And I can see a lot of people getting a keyring at Christmas time as a present in a lot of shapes and sizes!

I’m still doing the 9 to 5 socks for MIL, and trying to design and make a crochet puppy, taking the inspiration from a photo that I’ve got. This will be my first crochet pattern.



  1. Unfortunately, that is the problem with cotton... it loves to soak up water and keep it!

    But, the bath scrubber looks really nice! Will you be making at again in acrylic?

  2. I like making dishclothes and potholders out of it. I like the bathscrubber pattern, but like you said, maybe not in cotton. I like your Amigurumi keychain and Jesse doll, too! You have been a busy little bee, my friend!

  3. That is a pity about the scrubber. Acrylic would probably be better.... or what about some kind of string? (though that might be hard on your hands when you're making it).

  4. Your Jesse doll really cute and good choice of color combination.