Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New? No only old news!

I’ve been joggling from one project to another. I guess I’m on that fase that I’m not really satisfied with what I’m doing, or just getting bored! Or maybe it is something else…

Now news from the 9 to 5 socks. They are going, not yet to leave the house, but going inside my bag.

This is only the first sock that I’m still doing, let’s hope I don’t get to much bored to do the second one.

The boring continues.... with the square crochet pillow for the girl’s room.

Every now and then I pick up the work a little and then do little more rows, boring for now.

But I just wanted to show the detail that is going to allow the pillow to close.

Down you can see a giant granny square and on one top of the square I just made some plain rows on dc to go inside. More details later.

Not so boring.

Are the potholders that I’m doing now.

They are half citrus, they go to my kitchen, and I love them! I’m just doing the second one to be a pair. You can get the pattern from here.

But I really don’t like the way they look on the back.

I think I should put maybe some fabric just to cover those stitches and to give more thickness to the potholder.

So that is all.
For now….


  1. I think the pot holders are stunning! And you know what would really work for the back before you cover it with fabric... if you could find something to put in between that will help reflect the heat away from your hands!

  2. Oh I like your pot holder. The color is so refreshing. It will cheer up your kitchen.

  3. I love the pot holders!! They are so cute, I have some orange yarn so may try and orange slice! I would love to find out a bit more about you soooooo if you fancy sharing.... you are it -