Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy birthday to you!

4 Years ago I had this cute, beautiful, and wild girl!
I’m getting old!

Today was only a party for the house.
So we had presents in the morning (no photos of that).

And in the afternoon we made a cake.

Yes child labor, what can I say!

So here are some photos.

The big party is for the weekend, with some kids, and the big kids (mummy’s and daddy’s).

So see you now, now...


  1. Very sweet pictures! Good luck for the big party...

  2. Yeah for 4 year olds!
    Yeah for birthdays!
    Yeah for cake!
    Yeah for child labor?!? :)
    Happy Birthday to your little wild one!

  3. Wah your little girl so clever can help you baking cake.
    Child labor? Hahahahaha! You are so funny!