11 September 2007


Today it is time to show a little of some embroidery that I’ve been doing.
Thanks to Candace and the site craftydaisies!

This photo here was from the homework from two weeks ago.

And this one is from last week.

I’ve already had a couple of ideas where to use all this embroideries that I’m doing…


Jesse said...

Very sweet! I like the cake.

Sharon said...

Very nicely done!

Lily said...

Its delicate and pretty. Love it!

ruth said...

The embroidery looks really pretty. I love the yarn you received in the mail. Do you have plans for that HUGE ball of cotton?

Maria1975 said...

I love the embroidered picture of the dress! So precious, I am going to give it a try this weekend.

Melissa F. in CA said...

Wow, it is all so pretty! Did you get the email I sent? My email address is melissafowler AT gmail DOT com :)

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