1 March 2009

Color Week

I just join a fun week full of color, since lately around here everything is always grey (smoke)

So the Color Week consists of showing some different colors in your blog.

Sunday- rainbow of color
Monday - red
Tuesday - orange
Wednesday - yellow
Thursday - green
Friday - blue
Saturday - violet
Sunday - finish it all off with another rainbow of color.

I think this is a good opportunity to take photos that you always wanted, but never had the chance!
You can go to Little Red Hen Blog and get all the information, and if you want to play along, just leave a comment there.

Sunday: Rainbow Color
So for this Sunday since in Rainbow color, and i just sign now, i remember that i made a bag with the same name, trying to use the rainbow colors.

Isn't this fun....


6th Picture Tag

I was tagged by Tracy...And here are the instructions

1. Go to your pictures on your computer

2. Open the 6th folder

3. Choose the 6th picture

4. Show the picture on your blog and write something about it.

5. Invite 6 new people to this challenge.

6. Link to them and let them know they are challenged.

This must be conspiracy!!!
This snow mam is following me even when is not Christmas!!!

So now i must tag 6 fellow bloggers, let me see....


Hope you girls have fun

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