Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Tuesday = Orange

The aquarium ball in our office, with orange plants and orange fish.

Nicole, thinks that the sun must be orange??

And the girls hair?? Orange...Don't ask...

This was the first present from sister in law, who is in Portugal, for the baby Nicole.
It was her first attempt in doing a Orange knitting blanket.

This orange flower belongs to a pair of hanging mobile in the girls room.

And now for the almost final debut! These tekkies, given to me by my dear husband, are absolutely orange. I didn't like them a lot at the beginning, but then i started to get clothes in the same color, problem solved!

And the final one. Yes i know these are orange boots, also from Dear Husband, maybe he was having some kind of orange crisis by the time that he gave me these two pair of foot wear!
They are supper comfy, and very warm for the winter weather (not that there is any very cold weather here in Cape Town, must move to the north to use them more :) )

see you all...



  1. Wow, full marks for getting a successful photo of your goldfish - I tried and tried for my 'orange' set, but failed! Thanks for your photos and text - I'm really enjoying this Colour Week.

    A bientot from France.