Saturday, March 07, 2009


Saturday = Violet

A violet cut paper in a form of a flower.

The girls just love to drink water from this violet cup.

A mini violet toy (actually i have no idea the name of this thing!!!!)

The not finish barbie house... still working on it.... but the violet couches are already there!!!

And talking about barbies, a swimming costume in violet.

I had some problems in finding violet to take a photo, as you can see it is almost toys.
Maybe it is a thing to think about...

Final entry it will be tomorrow, with the rainbow again.
See you all tomorrow...



  1. violet is diffcult to photograph -you are a devoted Mum knitting swimsuits for Barbie!

  2. Oh I love Barbie's swimsuits! I grew up in Potch. My mom always had a sewing machine and omkapper (what is that in Eng? a serger?) set up in the piano room, so all my Barbie clothing was created by me! Mine never had swimsuits.