Monday, March 02, 2009


Monday = RED

In my house the blankets used to watch TV and to keep us warm in the cold nights are red!

Lately our laundry became more red also. These are the "uniform" shirts from Paulo and me.
Which is funny, after my mother passed away, i couldn't wear anything red, i don't know, maybe it is a Portuguese thing, i just didn't feel well with my self. And after i ad Nicole, everything change.
I started to wear the color red again, funny!

So this is my red entry for today!


  1. red is the colour of life and energy! go with it!
    I love your comment buttons too, it's like being on Ravelry!
    btw are you on Twitter?

  2. Your reds look so good! After a while, my reds look pinky. :) Yeah Red!