Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Wednesday = Yellow

This is my best friend when I'm on the PC writing posts and replying to emails. It is yellow and it is my best friend!

This yellow potty is the SOS of this house when it comes to the bathroom. We should start on a schedule...

This yellow hanging bag is to put the pyjamas from the girls.

And remember the post from yesterday? This is the yellow flower is a pair, from the yesterday orange flower.

And to finish the yellow day, some yellow bananas. (it is almost in all post from the girls that join the color week - this must be the day with the most bananas in posts!!!)

And that is all for today.
Tune tomorrow for some green



  1. Lovely yellows! I agree about the bananas, but juanitatortilla had a melon, so that showed a bit of originality! I'm looking forward to your greens...

  2. Olha o saco do pijama.....que giro!!! Feliz Dia do Pai!!!