Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hot, hot, hot...

It feels so good after a day of work, just go to the sea side and relax!
That was what happens today, it was hot, no wind, and the kids just had fun.

Knitting news. Not much to show. It’s been very hot on this side of the world, almost 36 degrees everyday, so you can imagine that knitting and crochet are almost impossible to do during the day. Only the progress of N. coat.

One arm done and the other almost finish.


  1. wow How much I envy you! Here it's so cold, and tomorrow is going to rain... Great effort on the coat though! Good job! ;) kiss*

  2. I think the knitting is coming along very nicely (considering the heat-wave we've been having!). Good to see you all had fun at the beach though!

  3. Isn't the heat dreadful, and now that there's a fire on the mountain they have pumped all the water into the fire hydrants and I have none in the house! Good thing I thought to stockpile water yesterday...