Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I’ve got a list of things to do this month. And I must try to stick to it, but I get so distracted from the net! Maybe I should turn of the computer and sit on the couch to do what I’m supposed to do. BUT all my patterns are in the computer G. Help me.

I’ve started to do squares for a blanket for Nicole, and more squares for a blanket for one of mine nieces. This is suppose to go until November, so no stress here I will do 3 or four a month, I think it is a good goal that can be done.

Still doing Nicole’s coat. The photo is a little bit hold, maybe 2 days hold :-0. But I’m already doing one arm.

Doing also socks for SAM5. The pattern is Sockapalooooza4, I’m using a 4 ply yarn from the family knitting, it isn’t a yarn for socks, but no budget here to go out and get wild, so got to improvise.

And here is my distraction. I wanted to do those market bags, that are starting to pop-up in almost every blog, but I want to use mine for my knitting. Now, you can think, and I also think there are too many holes in the thing. I’ve tried to do a foundation sc stitch and then in the middle start with the pattern.

Still have to study this better. But I can tell you this one works, the needles don’t run away from me!
So that is all



  1. It looks like you already have a lot of projects started for the new year! I love your market bag, and can't wait to see the finished socks and sweater for Nicole! (By the way, Nicole is my DD's middle name!) It is such a pretty name, don't you think?



  2. Those socks look gorgeous! You've been so busy already this year! Can't wait to see the coat finished.

  3. I really like your colorful knitting bag, plus the door it is hanging on is really nice too!

    Thanks for the link to the beginner knitting pattern. I am working my way through it (missed stitches and all), but it is definitely giving me practice. And boy do I need that :)