Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lunch in South African with Portuguese food

Here is a typical Sunday afternoon in South Africa, with some typical Portuguese food!
We made a braii, which is also very typical here, and had some sardines. Now this kind of fish is very hard to find here. Because it is too small, and sorry to the South African readers, but here everybody as problems with fish bones!
There are a lot of sardines being picking up in the area of Durban, in fact there is more then they want, and eventually they just give baskets away in the beach to all the people that are there to watch the arrival of the boats. Now how is it possible that we in Cape Town, to eat this fish, must come from Portugal? Oh, and last week we bought some sardines also, but this ones were from India! Amazing, no?
Well let’s carry on…
The late Sunday lunch was sardines

Some salad: tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumber and olive oil.

The peppers usually we cook them on the braii, and then wash them in water to take that black, and then cut them in stripes.

And also some potatoes boiled with the skin.

This is a normal Sunday lunch in Portugal, especially in the summer time, and on weekends.


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  1. oh, it looks delicious! I can see from your salad that you are someone who actually *likes* salad :-). How do you eat the sardines, just like that on bread or do they also get put on the braai? I also think it's sad that they're so hard to find here.