Friday, September 28, 2007

Socks and a little bag

The socks for MIL are done.

I just made and extra bag, with the rest of the yarn. So she can put them inside when she travels, or to put whatever she wants.

The pattern for the socks was from here, and the little bag is from here.

In the pattern for the little bag, that is to put some soap inside, I just double the stitches to make it wider.

And I had also to make her longer, so the socks won’t be outside, or too tight.

I also made 2 crochet chains, to the top of the little bag.

I really enjoyed doing this bag. It has a look of cetin.

This will be my first idea maybe for a Christmas present.

Since we are still in September almost October, you still have time to do a pair of socks, and a little cute bag to go with it!

Nice weekend everyone

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And more...

Ok, so i've got more photos from this morning...

When she comes down the stairs and starts to look at the living room!

I think she thougth that Santa Claus came earlier this year!

And now that's it!

Happy birthday to you!

4 Years ago I had this cute, beautiful, and wild girl!
I’m getting old!

Today was only a party for the house.
So we had presents in the morning (no photos of that).

And in the afternoon we made a cake.

Yes child labor, what can I say!

So here are some photos.

The big party is for the weekend, with some kids, and the big kids (mummy’s and daddy’s).

So see you now, now...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New? No only old news!

I’ve been joggling from one project to another. I guess I’m on that fase that I’m not really satisfied with what I’m doing, or just getting bored! Or maybe it is something else…

Now news from the 9 to 5 socks. They are going, not yet to leave the house, but going inside my bag.

This is only the first sock that I’m still doing, let’s hope I don’t get to much bored to do the second one.

The boring continues.... with the square crochet pillow for the girl’s room.

Every now and then I pick up the work a little and then do little more rows, boring for now.

But I just wanted to show the detail that is going to allow the pillow to close.

Down you can see a giant granny square and on one top of the square I just made some plain rows on dc to go inside. More details later.

Not so boring.

Are the potholders that I’m doing now.

They are half citrus, they go to my kitchen, and I love them! I’m just doing the second one to be a pair. You can get the pattern from here.

But I really don’t like the way they look on the back.

I think I should put maybe some fabric just to cover those stitches and to give more thickness to the potholder.

So that is all.
For now….

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Catastrophe V. Accomplishment


This beautiful scrubber was made with part of that cotton that Cindy send to me.
I thought that I should use that yarn very slowly, but making the most things to use on me or in the house.
So that is why I made this scrubber, but I wanted to do bigger from what this pattern calls for.
Let me tell you, he has, yes it still exists, almost 5 inches wide! Woo, what a big party I’m going to have in the bath…but as I put water and a little of soap, that beautiful scrubber became a nightmare!
It weighs almost a ton!
It is simple impossible to wash my body with that. It just feels like a giant rock washing my body and no bobbles, no bobbles anywhere!
So now it is drying outside (it has been outside for 2 days now) and as soon as it is dry I’m going to frog, and do something that doesn’t involve water!

Better news. I made the famous Jesse dolls that she sells on Etsy Handmade.

She has a pattern for the small one, and I gave a try. So cute, and the colors that I choose are simply sublime with this doll.

Now I have to give her a name… maybe Miss Buttons!

And another experience with Amigurumi.

This cute apple.

I just made a keyring with her. And I can see a lot of people getting a keyring at Christmas time as a present in a lot of shapes and sizes!

I’m still doing the 9 to 5 socks for MIL, and trying to design and make a crochet puppy, taking the inspiration from a photo that I’ve got. This will be my first crochet pattern.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today it is time to show a little of some embroidery that I’ve been doing.
Thanks to Candace and the site craftydaisies!

This photo here was from the homework from two weeks ago.

And this one is from last week.

I’ve already had a couple of ideas where to use all this embroideries that I’m doing…

Saturday, September 08, 2007

My best friend

Since everyone is showing a little bit of the bags that support all the knitting and the crochet stuff and let’s not forget other crafts.

I’m going also to open mine to the world.

This bag was originally taken from a collection of things for bath.
When open, you can see that this lady does a lot of different things, what a mess!
Now inside, taking everything to the outside there is:

A tape measure, very old, this one belonged to my mother;
2 scissors;
A bag full of handmade tags to be done;
A bag of stitch markers, also hand made by moi;
A support needle, to hold the stitches that you don’t want to work;
A ruler with measurements in cm and inches, and to know the sizes of needles;
1 DPN, their relatives are busy working in projects, and 1 crochet needle;
A needle crochet holder, yes it is almost a bag inside a bag, I just don’t know how it went there?;
And a little tiny sock, to put all the tapestry needles and pins, and everything that can sting you when you put your hand inside that bag looking for something.

And that’s it.
So are your bags as messy as mine?
Or looking better?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yeh, Mister Post Man!

Yesterday, it was a good day for ME.

I just received my first mail box about knitting

I run in to pick up a scissor

I had an audience, expecting…

This one was not in the mood, she was probably thinking isn’t my bedtime now, mummy, please leave the box, and let’s go to bed…

And look at my face it looks like it was Christmas

Yarn everywhere.

More precise cotton everywhere!

And look and the size of this ball, uff

And I even got a book with knitting dishcloths patterns.
Not to mention that every label has also a pattern included.
Too excited to write more. I’ve got so many ideas in my head to use this cotton!
But for now I’m going to leave inside the box, and once in a wile check what is inside, just for fun!
Thank you, Cindy. You’re the best

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Knitting, Amigurumi, Felt...

And another 9 to 5 socks are on the way.

These ones are for my MIL, she chose the color, and I chose the pattern.

Now since I join the Crochet Along for Amigurumi, I’ve been trying to understand how to work in spiral. To tell you the truth, the bird was worked with a slip st at the end. But from what I’ve been reading, almost all the amigurumi objects are worked with a crochet spiral. So last night I tried to work this cupcake like that.

The only part that is boring is that I must count every single st to know that I’m doing exactly like the pattern asks for. And I didn’t count the row, which is another thing that I must think, how am I going to count them. I think it goes with the practice. But you know me, always in a rush to do something new, and the faster the better. Maybe it is because I’m scorpion? Practice makes perfection, perfection can go fast!

My pincushion.

This is an old object that I made a long time ago. And today I would like to share with everyone.
I even put my handmade tags.

It is very handy when I’m doing my sewing, yes I also do something of that too, actually it was my previous job before I left Portugal. It is also very good to keep track of my needles when I’m doing my cross stitch and my other embroidery work.

By the way let me go and check if there is more homework to do.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Amigurumi Bird

Cute, isn’t it?
This was my first really serious amigurumi.
Please ignore the yes and the beak of the bird. I was in such a rush to finish, that I didn’t wanted to wait until go to the shop to buy the eyes. But I think it is ok. It is handmade, remember!
I just join a new crochetalong, where there are deadlines to finish something that they propose to do.
You can find it here
I’m going to try to do another one again; maybe will not look so alien.
I really need a day with 48 hours! Can anybody tell me where to find it?
Happy knitting, crochet, crafts, amigurumi, and whatever you’re doing at the moment…