4 September 2007

Knitting, Amigurumi, Felt...

And another 9 to 5 socks are on the way.

These ones are for my MIL, she chose the color, and I chose the pattern.

Now since I join the Crochet Along for Amigurumi, I’ve been trying to understand how to work in spiral. To tell you the truth, the bird was worked with a slip st at the end. But from what I’ve been reading, almost all the amigurumi objects are worked with a crochet spiral. So last night I tried to work this cupcake like that.

The only part that is boring is that I must count every single st to know that I’m doing exactly like the pattern asks for. And I didn’t count the row, which is another thing that I must think, how am I going to count them. I think it goes with the practice. But you know me, always in a rush to do something new, and the faster the better. Maybe it is because I’m scorpion? Practice makes perfection, perfection can go fast!

My pincushion.

This is an old object that I made a long time ago. And today I would like to share with everyone.
I even put my handmade tags.

It is very handy when I’m doing my sewing, yes I also do something of that too, actually it was my previous job before I left Portugal. It is also very good to keep track of my needles when I’m doing my cross stitch and my other embroidery work.

By the way let me go and check if there is more homework to do.

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