8 July 2007

Is there bad yarn?

Yesterday i started a scarf for Nicole. The yarn is a kind of what you call 'fluffy'.
But it is not nice to work with it:(
it is so fluffy that i can't even see what I'm doing, and to work every st is a nightmare. I just have to count every st to know that i don't drop any during the row!
Well I've got 5 balls of it, Paulo bougth the yarn. So i will do the scarfs for my girls, and it will be it!
No more fluffy, cute, warm yarn.

Here you can see the detail of the string. I think it is too much hairy.

Cozy cups!
I just found this beautiful pattern on the net here, She calls it the Mug and French Press Jacket.

But you know me, i loved the pattern there, and i even started to do it, but then i just changed for one of my favourite. These pattern is from socks.
They are the 9 to 5 socks, and you can find them here, i just fell in love with the twist off the knitting with out doing that thing with an extra cable needle.

Today it is all.
Hope everybody has a nice Sunday.
See you now now
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