Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My round pillow

And here she is!
The round star of the moment in this house:)
One side....

And the other side.

I used round crochet to cover the hole in the middle, that you can see in detail in my previous post. And used a 'picot' crochet to close the pillow all around. I left also a little bit of extra string inside for the time that i will wash this one. The pillow is going to the girls room, so it may be necessary to wash her.

Nicole just couldn't take her hands out of the pillow when it was done. i think she is waiting for me to turn my back to go and slide on the floor:)

It is my daughter, i know what that face means:)

For now it is all.

I'm going to do some more crochet, outside in the sun.

Yes today is sun, and a little bit warm.

Bye, bye....


  1. It's lovely! The crochet centers are a really good idea, the picot edging is so pretty. I really want to try something like this!

  2. It looks wonderful! Judging by the photos I'm guessing it's already a big favourite in your house.

  3. I guess the only way to get better at something is to practice!

  4. The pillow is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have a copy of the pattern. I love swirls. Keep up the good work!