Thursday, July 26, 2007

Barbie Coat

Today, I’m going to show how to make a easy coat. No for me, not for my girls, neither my half face. But for the Barbie doll!

The knitting of the back….

The knitting of the arms….

The right side….

The beginning of the left side….

The body of the coat done….

The knitting of the collar….

The Sew up underarm and side seams…….

And finally, the detail of the sc crochet all around, to make it a perfect finishing.

At the end of knitting this Vintage coat, has they call it,

I always think. Wouldn’t be nice if I could do a coat for me, exactly like that. I guess it’s not impossible!
Maybe that is something for me to think in the future.
Meanwhile. A big storm just came down, with rain and a lot of wind.

In this photo you can actually see the two trees, how they are bending. They say that until the weekend we are going to have strong winds, heavy rain, and some snow.

bye, bye....

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