Monday, July 23, 2007

Mittens and Mushrooms ?

More work done.

Yes I know, it seems like I don’t sleep and just knit. But these works are small, and they just go with the wind, something that we got a lot here.

My fingerless mittens are done, and beautiful.

At the beginning, I didn’t like so much of the pink color, but at the end, It doesn’t look so pink at all. You must be thinking she is getting some problems with colors, don’t worry, I’ve got two girls, remember, and pink is the color of the day, the week, and I don’t know what more…..

The pattern was taken from here
And it looks hard to do. But believe me it isn’t. The only hard thing to do are the fingers, boring, you have to do one at the time. But since that is the beginning. It is okay, because then you can see the mitten grow, and then you start to try it on and she isn’t finished yet!

Next stop.

My garden.

This mushroom just pop out in the middle of my grass.

Isn’t that cute. And ladies it is crochet. I tried very hard to understand the pattern, in the middle I just made my own, and then follow the pattern again. I’m really trying to understand to read crochet, and I will get there. For some of you this may look strange, because I can’t read a pattern, but know how to do crochet, which is what happens when you learn only from looking.

The pattern was taken from here and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the name Kohana the Amigurumi 'Shroom that was the one that I made. Is that similar? Am I going in the Wright way?
This site has a lot of cute things to do in crochet and knitting. Some of them you must pay, and the others it is for free. Nice.

Bye, bye

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  1. Love the mittens. I'm going to have to try that pattern. Thanks for the link.