Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's cold out side

I’ve been doing a lot of finishing projects. I don’t know why, but every time I empty a bag, there are 2 more projects to put inside, again!
Let’s begin with scarfs. Nicole scarf is done and so is the one for Angelina. The two scarfs were made with the same height. I know they don’t have the same measure, but it is for future time. Hopefully these two scarfs are going to live for a long time!
Blanket for Barbie, and matching pillow – done

It was made in DC crochet, and around it is that wonderful (ggrrrr) yarn in sc. Just to have a little bit of color. Matching pillow, yes because I thing dolls also have the right to be in fashion!
Hat for Nicole – done

Sorry about the bad quality of the next photos, in the first she couldn't stay still, and in the second one it was too dark. Well better luck next time!
This one was made, originally for me, but at the end it fist me but very tight, so I’m starting to give some heritage to my girl, am I starting to get that old?
It was made with a very simple pattern. For the fold part I just purl 4 and k 2, and for the rest of the hat it was knit 4 and purl 2. The tricky part was to decrease in the top. But it turn out right in the end.
I don’t know if someone has notice but I put a chart with the things that I wanted to do this month, in the side bar. So far it is going very well, because like that I don’t fell tempted to star another project as I see, so it is good to discipline my obsession. The bars as you can see are almost, all of them, full. So I think I’m doing a great job so far.
More news in a couple of days.
I’ve got more stuff to show, no pictures for now.
Bye, bye everyone.


  1. Love the barbie blanket and pillow, I wish my mom had made something like that for me when I was little. All I remember my mom making is PLaydoo! :)
    Great hats too!

  2. I have the same problem with the bags I use for knitting projects. Some of them even have two projects in them. Congratulations on finishing a few.

  3. Goodness she's adorable! :)