8 July 2007

Is there bad yarn?

Yesterday i started a scarf for Nicole. The yarn is a kind of what you call 'fluffy'.
But it is not nice to work with it:(
it is so fluffy that i can't even see what I'm doing, and to work every st is a nightmare. I just have to count every st to know that i don't drop any during the row!
Well I've got 5 balls of it, Paulo bougth the yarn. So i will do the scarfs for my girls, and it will be it!
No more fluffy, cute, warm yarn.

Here you can see the detail of the string. I think it is too much hairy.

Cozy cups!
I just found this beautiful pattern on the net here, She calls it the Mug and French Press Jacket.

But you know me, i loved the pattern there, and i even started to do it, but then i just changed for one of my favourite. These pattern is from socks.
They are the 9 to 5 socks, and you can find them here, i just fell in love with the twist off the knitting with out doing that thing with an extra cable needle.

Today it is all.
Hope everybody has a nice Sunday.
See you now now


Jen said...

wow, I checked out the non-cable twisting (watched the video!), and I'm going to have to try that! I love how cables look, but man are they a pain!!

I never liked eyelash yarn. I was at Michael's yesterday, and they have a whole bin of that exact type of yarn on sale for $2!! I guess we know why it didn't sell and had to go on clearance, huh?

Rebecca said...

I agree on the eyelash yarn as well. I have only 1 high-priced boutique skein left, don't know when I'll use it but I'm sure not buying any more. Those mug cozies are adorable!!!

Jesse said...

Me too, I hate knitting with that very fluffy yarn. If I have to, I use the biggest needles possible.

The mug cosy is very pretty! Thanks for posting the link to the pattern.

ruth said...

That sort of yarn is a pain to knit with. Using ordinary yarn in a suitable colour at the same time (hold both strands together) can make it much easier to knit with.

Woman who knits said...

That yarn does look difficult,but the scarf looks so wonderful!!!

I'm a HUGE coffee drinker and love the cup cozy! I might have to knit those up before cold winter days!

Melissa F. in CA said...

I've promised myself not to buy any more novelty yarn! I still have a stash of fun fur which will eventually be made into scarves but it isn't a priority. LOL!

The mug cozy is precious :)

...and the round pillow is gorgeous!

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