Thursday, May 29, 2014


Last sample to show at the craft church selection...
I'm done :)

Wish me luck for Saturday

See you 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cars and cupcakes can go together... can't they?

Hello all

Finish all my orders for this month, phew!

Another mobile made for the same recipient, very cute car mobile.

And these adorable cupcakes

Long time that I don't do these ones, I had the chance to play with new colors :)

Now have to get prepared for a screening this Saturday. Some churches here do craft sale 2 months before Christmas time. This is the time for they to see new crafters and for them to select....

Making samples of some of my goodies that I think will catch the eye and it will sell.

Wish me luck!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bunnie Mobile

Finish this one a couple of days ago.... had to wait for the recipient to approve.... now it is good to show!

Very cute bunnies in shade of purple, playing with white, grey and purple stars.

Already started with the 3rd one...

It will be finish by tomorrow.....

And then today I did a very yummy pudding.... Molotov!
First time in many years that it came just right!

I have to go .... it is calling meeeeeeeeee.......


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wip Bunnie Mobile

Hello all :)

Another mobile on the way, this time purple bunnies.

I hope it will turn out so cute as the ladybugs mobile....

Here are the photos for the work in progress

Showing of my family (Maria you are going to like this.... :) )

I found tonight the girls sleeping like this.... and the cat....
They have separate beds, but somehow the little one likes to have company in her bed....

Now it looks like N is thinking of something important, not to talk about the cat (misty), the bed is absolutly full!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday night



Yesterday, I finished this fabric bag.
A delight of pink :)

Today it went to the actual owner.... she loves it!


Monday, May 19, 2014


A quick preview of my next mobile...It was aproved...

Now have to start to play with it...

See you all now now



Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ladybug Mobile

A little late in posting this here, but I think some of my readers here don't follow me on Facebook....

So I took the Sunday night to update blog...

That said....

I have finish on Thursday my Ladybug Mobile...

So far this is the cute mobile that I made....
I have a problem, I always fall in love for all my latest works, I don't know what to do....

At the beginning I was afraid about the colours that were choosen by the client, but, they look so peacefull and calm together. I'm absolutly amazed.....

Still have to finish 2 more mobiles for the same person, so stay with me if you want to see more....

Then this morning I finish some orders that I had for Alice Bands in crochet.
3 happy little people are going to be very happy tomorrow...

I will try to get all my orders out this week... because I'm preparing for the Church craft markets in our area.
They usualy happen in November, great way for people to buy for Christmas. So have to have 1 item of each of my products that I want to be sold there.

Got to be prepared cause the evaluation is going to happen at the end of this month...

Hope everyone have a nice Monday

See you


Monday, May 12, 2014

Yesterday and today...

Yesterday was Mothers day here in South Africa.
I was pampered, by pampered, I mean, didn't do much in the house, no making breakfast, no making lunch, no call for the girls attention, it was very quiet. Yes I like it that way!

Did what I enjoy the most, playing with felt....

Finished the second Ballerina, and already delivered them this morning.

Then in the afternoon made some crochet

Stretched Alice bands in crochet

And made also a crochet flower that can be had to the Alice band, and it can be used in a coat, bag...

This morning I started to design and cut for a new mobile. HOORAY!!!!

This is going to be a ladybug mobile

There will be 2 more mobiles to be design and done. Can't wait....

Enjoy your week



Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Ballet!

First Ballerina done, waiting now for the second one to start the dance!

Enjoy your Saturday


Friday, May 09, 2014

Perfect weather for sewing...

Busy, busy, busy...

Those are the only words that come to my mind now...

Busy with my little work, busy with the house, busy with the school...

It is starting to look like I do the same amount of time in school duties as the same time as my girls stay in school!

Ballet, hockey practicing, double matches.... In double, I've got two girls remember, and they want to do everything in the book!
Not complaining that much, just my time is being sucked by the entire stay active thing.

Showing what I managed to do...

Tooth pillows, the blue one a order for a very loyal customer, and the pink one the prize for the giveaway that happened on Facebook.

Then I managed to cut two ballerinas for another order....

Planning to finish these ones on the weekend, then also cut 2 new mobiles (excited about that)

Perfect for the weather that we are going to have....

1st big storm is here, they say that the 2nd is on the way!!!

Next time....


Saturday, May 03, 2014

This Sunday I will be in the couch....

....because I think I deserve it!
There has been a lot of weekends that I pass in front of the computer, and cutting and sewing.
I managed to run this week with the view of having a Sunday like I used to have long, long time ago.
So I managed to finish two orders today

The first one a banner

Very cute banner. Love the way the little angel ends up!

And for the second order that I finished

Yes, I don't have to have that "you know" look anymore!

Here they are together

I'll pop on Facebook tomorrow to say who is the lucky winner for my give away.

And that is all

Enjoy the rest of your weekend