Monday, May 12, 2014

Yesterday and today...

Yesterday was Mothers day here in South Africa.
I was pampered, by pampered, I mean, didn't do much in the house, no making breakfast, no making lunch, no call for the girls attention, it was very quiet. Yes I like it that way!

Did what I enjoy the most, playing with felt....

Finished the second Ballerina, and already delivered them this morning.

Then in the afternoon made some crochet

Stretched Alice bands in crochet

And made also a crochet flower that can be had to the Alice band, and it can be used in a coat, bag...

This morning I started to design and cut for a new mobile. HOORAY!!!!

This is going to be a ladybug mobile

There will be 2 more mobiles to be design and done. Can't wait....

Enjoy your week



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