1 May 2014


I was sidetrack today... someone asked me for something yesterday.... I said there is time, my things are on time.... then i got the "you know" look... then this morning i started to work on that specific thing....

I still have another to make....apparently they were supposed to be two....

Can't do the second one, no more bating.... tomorrow me go shopping :) .....and then I will finish the special request... and I will not have any more of those "you know" looks!

Just to give more dimension to this post try to whisper wile you read it... you see, the "you know" look is on the other side of the room..... Shuuuuuu!

Now in normal voice....
I did enjoy it...long time that I didn't do a fabric bag. This one was made just from my head, no pattern to follow, just measure the cm provided by.......   and then cut, cut....sew, sew.... think.....coffee....think....
Sew, sew....and that was it.
It is true practice makes perfect, and with so many years sewing and working with fabrics as paid off for my so at ease with this type of work.

Enough Bla, Bla, Bla

I'm sewing a felt banner NOW

See you all maybe tomorrow


Time...isn't on my side...no it isn't....

How do I do it?
Many of you may ask....

I've got to little girls, age (almost 11) 10 and 8. Like girls....they like to make what is simple complicated....
They have all the extra mural activities from school that they like, that means leaving to pick up the first one at 13:00 and stay at school until 16:30.... Just parked there looking at one playing hockey and watching the other finishing ballet.

For me those hours of the day are absolutely wasted!!!!
I can't go out of there.... can't leave my girls just wondering around by themselves at school grounds.... Yes I'm a freak controller, not of what they do but what may came around!

Then I have homework to do with them when they arrive home.... prepare dinner, control bath time.....

How in the name..... do I have time for all my little crafts, well....

I use and abuse the morning time, for that my cleaning is not that perfect (and lately I've been closing my eyes to a lot of things), but I think the answer is organized!

If I can control all my orders (the time of arrival to the time of deliver), if I can control all the right places for things in my house... I have my house under control!

Then it is easy pie!

Ok, I've spill my beans out today.....

I'm starting to be a control freak???!!!!

And what about you....???

After reading my post.... do you have something to shout out about.... please do....

It feels good

See you :)

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