Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hot, hot, hot...

It feels so good after a day of work, just go to the sea side and relax!
That was what happens today, it was hot, no wind, and the kids just had fun.

Knitting news. Not much to show. It’s been very hot on this side of the world, almost 36 degrees everyday, so you can imagine that knitting and crochet are almost impossible to do during the day. Only the progress of N. coat.

One arm done and the other almost finish.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Socks

These ones are hot, hot. Out of the oven just now.

Pattern: Sockapalooooza4.
I realy enjoy making these socks. I made them short because here it is summer now, and short socks are good for the weather here!
These ones are for the SAM5. In time.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Never say never

Now this is a lesson for me to take very serious and good information for everybody that wants to know, and go green this year!
I’ve join months, months ago the Monthly dishcloth in the Yahoo. BUT almost never made a dish cloth, only if I wanted to test a pattern, and them made with acrylic, became another blanket for N. barbies.
After I read the Mamagenerica post. Something in my head was tinkling, why don’t I try also, it doesn’t cost a thing, I’ve got cotton, and I’ve got needles! So I did. And let me tell you ladies out there, that use the green sponge, please give it a try…
Because it really works, you can actually wash the dishes with this cotton cloth, and at the end, you can clean all your work area, and no water, I mean really no water. That thing just absorbs every single drop of water that it founds in her way. And you can do also another one to clean the dishes and put them away!
Probably everyone that is reading this post, must be thinking, that girl went mad!
No, I think to myself that I just found the gold mine, the hole with petrol, I don’t know. I realize after I read so many posts with this subject that actually it works.

Please you can send a hammer to me, if I took to long to really believe it!
Thank you mamagenerica, for the open eyes, to these blind women. I sometimes am like St. Tomas, see to believe!
So here it is my first one, of course I had to invent one, and I couldn’t follow any free pattern that I have in my computer.

And them after I see all the miracles of nature I made another one, that you can find the pattern here, but already gone by now.

Someone came to my house this weekend, and I just spread the word, go green go dishcloth!
Never say never…

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lunch in South African with Portuguese food

Here is a typical Sunday afternoon in South Africa, with some typical Portuguese food!
We made a braii, which is also very typical here, and had some sardines. Now this kind of fish is very hard to find here. Because it is too small, and sorry to the South African readers, but here everybody as problems with fish bones!
There are a lot of sardines being picking up in the area of Durban, in fact there is more then they want, and eventually they just give baskets away in the beach to all the people that are there to watch the arrival of the boats. Now how is it possible that we in Cape Town, to eat this fish, must come from Portugal? Oh, and last week we bought some sardines also, but this ones were from India! Amazing, no?
Well let’s carry on…
The late Sunday lunch was sardines

Some salad: tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumber and olive oil.

The peppers usually we cook them on the braii, and then wash them in water to take that black, and then cut them in stripes.

And also some potatoes boiled with the skin.

This is a normal Sunday lunch in Portugal, especially in the summer time, and on weekends.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I’ve got a list of things to do this month. And I must try to stick to it, but I get so distracted from the net! Maybe I should turn of the computer and sit on the couch to do what I’m supposed to do. BUT all my patterns are in the computer G. Help me.

I’ve started to do squares for a blanket for Nicole, and more squares for a blanket for one of mine nieces. This is suppose to go until November, so no stress here I will do 3 or four a month, I think it is a good goal that can be done.

Still doing Nicole’s coat. The photo is a little bit hold, maybe 2 days hold :-0. But I’m already doing one arm.

Doing also socks for SAM5. The pattern is Sockapalooooza4, I’m using a 4 ply yarn from the family knitting, it isn’t a yarn for socks, but no budget here to go out and get wild, so got to improvise.

And here is my distraction. I wanted to do those market bags, that are starting to pop-up in almost every blog, but I want to use mine for my knitting. Now, you can think, and I also think there are too many holes in the thing. I’ve tried to do a foundation sc stitch and then in the middle start with the pattern.

Still have to study this better. But I can tell you this one works, the needles don’t run away from me!
So that is all


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

let's cut!

Tutorial to cut T-shirts for a Rag Rug

First you chose a T-shirt that most probably is full of holes, and too hold to use, or just because you simple don’t like her at all!

Cut the sleeves, and the collar around the neck.

Open the T-shirt, cutting one seam along the T-shirt and cut also where the shoulders seams are, this away the T-shirt will be open like a plain fabric.

Start to make lines along the T-shirt. I used my ruler that has 1 inch wider. You can chose to make the lines in every wide has you want. Just remember the thicker you cut your fabric the thicker the rug will be, and also remember that you must have a big hook and a lot of strength to do the crochet. I used a normal pen to mark the lines.

Let’s start to cut…

Pick one edge from the T-shirt, or the top or the bottom, and cut fallowing the lines, BUT…
You are not going to cut until the end of the line…

Leave 1cm from cutting. This is the way you are going to do all the T-shirt.

Now move to the other line just next to the line that you’ve cut and start to cut in the beginning, STOP before the line stops in the other side , leave more or less 1 cm without cutting again, then move to the next line, begin to cut, and do this until all the T-shirt is cut. So you’re cutting like a zigzag, up then aside, down then aside, up then aside…

Then you can do a ball, and start your rug.

For my project I’m using a 7mm hook, with 1 Inc of fabric. It doesn’t matter if the fabrics aren’t the same, remember this is a rug, a rag rug, let’s improvise!
So go, and look for some holes in your T-shirts, chose the colors, and have fun!

PS: Nicole is enjoying the pre-school very much.

Monday, January 07, 2008


For the entire mummy’s out there.

What means when you’re starting to put your kids name in every little thing?

It means they are going to pre-school!

Nicole started today, and I think I was more nervous than her.
She was all dressed, and waiting with the bag in her hands at 6 am. This morning!
Yes she was much exited to go.

Suddenly the house is a little bit quiet; I still have my other little girl with me.

Waiting for the afternoon...

Thursday, January 03, 2008


I’ve got a lot of things planned for this year. More things that the 365 days of the year. Ops, I just missed 2 days!

I’ve started planning the presents for the entire year, birthdays, especial days and Christmas. Yes this year I would like to give a lot more, than the previous year. I had so many plans for the past Christmas, but I didn’t even made half of the things that I was supposed to do!

I just join SAM5, only until July, to make a pair of socks every month. But I have so many patterns that I like, that I don’t know where to begin, and also thinking of the yarn available in my stash.

Ok, Nicole’s coat is going. I’m not very worried with finishing, because here the summer is really hot, only some wind, hehehe, some wind of 50km per hour! That wind generally only comes at night, so we are indoors. So, no worry about that.

The rag rug is also going, found 3 more T-shirts with holes; I promise that I didn’t make them. I’m only waiting for a little bit of patience to take photos of how I cut the piece and the rest, during the day, so that MSL in Portugal can see. She was very excited about the rug.

And for now, I made a cozy for my phone.

No pattern, just cast on, made a rib, then made some stripes, in available colors and cast off like the feet of a sock.

I used my favorite yarn, Pure Gold DK.
And this is it!

Happy New Year to everyone.